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Passing League (7 on 7) Games Coming In June!

The 2014 Passing League (7 on 7) games are coming this June.

Dates and locations will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.


What is Passing 7 on 7?

“Passing League”, also known as “Passing 7 on 7” or “7 on 7” games are no-contact events that focus on Offense skills of passing and catching. Organized by schools and coaches, the mission is to provide structure for players to develop their skills and opportunities for friendly competition in the off-season.

Each team puts 7 players on the field, which is typically no more than 40 yards long for each “game”. Players participate in numerous games each night and each “game” is very short.

Who attends Passing 7 on 7 games?

Only some of the JV and Varsity players will be asked to participate due to the nature of the games. Offensive and Defensive Linemen are usually not included in these events, although some Passing Leagues include event such as Linemen’s Challenge. Coach De La Torre (Varsity) and Coach Wells (JV) will provide each player with their invitation to participate. For those who participate, bus transportation is provided to and from the events.

Can Family and Friends attend?

Absolutely! Family and Friends are welcome to attend these events and there is generally no cost to watch these events. Experiences parents shared these tips:

  • Bring lawn chairs and wear sun screen. These games are typically played on the practice fields at local high schools, so there is no stadium seating and fans are often in the sun.
  • Don’t block the view of other fans if you choose to bring sports umbrellas or pop-up shade tents. They other family wants to see their player as much as you want to see yours.
  • Bring water and snacks. It is uncommon for the hosting school to provide Concessions during these events. Be sure to take your trash with you or put it in the proper place. We want to be invited back next year.
  • Don’t forget your camera! Because this is no-contact, players participate without helmets & pads. This makes for great action-photo opportunities.
  • Bring your patience. These are informal events and many schools participate at the same time and on the same fields. Because of this, it may take time to find your player’s team. Once you find the team, be prepared for them to move to another quadrant of the field.  Teams will rotate in and out of game play throughout the event.

November Meeting Agenda

November 5th, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Native New Yorker

  • Motion to start the meeting.
  • October Meeting Minutes & Financials approved
    • Go line by line for Financials
    • October Meeting Minutes
    • Business Agenda:
      • Any Parent Feedback?
      • Sarah Young- Share Facebook and Website updates
      • Banquet Updates:

i.      Sign the Thank you Cards

ii.      Helpers?

iii.      Gift for Coaches and Seniors given this night

iv.      Other business matter to discuss and vote on.

  • Senior Night:

i.      Thank you to Julie Erickson, Theresa Blancas, Teri Smithers, Sarah Meraz, Angel Elam, Sarah Young, Kristine Steinmetz, and the rest of the moms that helped make this night special to the senior moms.

ii.      Any suggestions for next year?

  • Highlight Night

i.      Tuesday, November 13th from 6-9pm

  1. Parent helpers: Set up @ 5:30PM
  2. JV: 6-7pm
  3. Freshman: 7-8pm
  4. Varsity: 8-9pm

ii.      Any photos to make a pre-highlight night slide show:

  1. Freshman: Michelle Masters
  2. JV: Angel Elam
  3. Varsity: Tasha Campa

iii.      Cakes from Dairy Queen-

  1. Patty Padia secured 6-8 cakes. Please let DQ know the date.
  2. Need silverware, cups, napkins, plates, Thank you to Susan Ortiz for donating K-cup coffee.

iv.      Forms for Highlight Tapes to order

  • Carnival Updates:

i.      General updates as financials will be calculated for the December Meeting

ii.      Would we do this again? If so, what is the plan?

  • New officers- nominations and voting

i.      President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary

ii.      Freshman, JV, and Varsity Parent Liaisons

iii.      Commitee heads: Golf Tournament, Program, Meals- Commitee head within each team, Spirit Boutique-ordering/scheduling, Concessions-ordering, Concessions/parent scheduling, Vendors, Fundraisers. These do not have to be voted in before the end of the year but should be decided upon within the first few months of the year.

iv.      December Executive Session will be where the old board and new board will discuss items and answer questions.

  • Share the Master Calendar of how the next year will look like.
  • Questions? Any other meeting items?

2)      Review the action items discussed today.

3)      Set the next meetings date/time.

4)      Close the Meeting.

Interested in a New Dobson Bling T-Shirt

Are you interested in a New Dobson Bling T-shirt? Well you are in luck! Bling shirts made on site at Dobson.

(any personalization may need to be brought into the store- located @ San Tan Mall)
Luv My Bling will be here on Thursday 9/20 & Friday 9/21 @ both Freshman & Varsity home games.

Check out the newest designs that have been custom made for Dobson. A portion of the sales come back to the football program.
How much should you expect to pay?

*If you purchase Luv My Bling t-shirts, they cost $12.99

*If you use your own t-shirt, there is a $5 fee

*Most Bling designs start at $17+

*If you want to add names on the back, there is a fee per character depending on size and amount of bling

*Want a Number? 6×3 size would be $5 per number, 1 1/2′ & 2′ numbers are $2 each.

Check out their website @

Carnival Planning Meeting

Hello Parents,

The Dobson Football Booster Club is hosting it’s 1st Carnival on November 1-4th.

In order to prepare for this large event, we are in need of many parents to help in many areas. This is a great way to network with many parents within all team levels as well as a great fundraiser to help support the football program.

How can you help?
We will be having a Carnival planning meeting on Monday, September 17th @ 6:30pm at Native New Yorker on Guadalupe & Dobson. We will be in the back room. Let the hostess know you are with the Dobson boosters group.

The Agenda for the meeting is below. Please bring any ideas and suggestions you have and where you plan to help out.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Dobson Football Booster Club

Carnival Meeting Agenda

Dobson Football Booster Club
September 17th, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.
Native New Yorker

Neighbor Letter
o Angel will draft letter and get copies printed
o Need two-three people to distribute
Craft Vendor Letter
o Angel will draft letter and email to vendor once pmt. has been received.
Contract – review contract
o What duties will booster member need to be involved with, if any
o How many tickets need to be sold
o Financial ramifications, if any
o Need to be distributed
o Feeder school letter to be sent home, copies need to be made…
o Who are our liaisons at the feeder schools?
o Spirit Boutique
o Bookstore
o Dobson Ranch Roundup
o St. Timothy’s
o Marquis – Kelly Berg
o Mps newsletter
o Sell tickets at lunch in cafeteria courtyard
o Dobson newsletter
Food Vendors
o Chic Fil A (except Sunday)
o Jimmy and Joe’s Pizza
o Hot Dog Cart by MVP Hot Dogs
o Swirl It
o Jamba Juice
o Concessions
 Need signup sheet for volunteers
Radio Station
o Clear Channel has already said no
o Need to find a station to broadcast or maybe a DJ????
Ag Petting Zoo
o Confirm with AG about the petting zoo
o Angel has some hand sanitizer to donate, but we’ll need more
Other groups
o Do other groups want to come in for fundraisers?
o Bring to vote at Oct. 1st meeting to let them in…
Dunk Tank
o Martin Reyes?? Saturday Only-Coach Dunk

Lil’ Mustang Corral
o Face painting
o Caricatures
o Balloon Animals
o Other ideas???
o Need volunteers
o Need signup sheet – 2 hr. shifts??
o Concession stand will be point of contact for all vendors to speak with boosters
Admin Concerns
o Firm up plans with Cruz, Perkins, and Koch, are all these plans within any limitations
they know of or have?
o Lighting – Cost? Donna…
o Electricity
o Mapping
o Parking

Anything else?

Golf Carts

Irrigation Schedule – Kevin Fleming – Groundskeeping – Cutter????