Booster Member Meeting 10-13-2015

Monthly Member Meeting Minutes

Dobson High School – 1501 W Guadalupe Rd Room S2

October 13, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Time Topic Description Topic Leader
  • Assembly/meet & greet
  • Meeting Commencement / Introductions & Welcome New Attendees
  • Michelle motioned to start the meeting at 6:35pm, Stella was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Tracey Peacock was a new member attendee tonight
  • Susan Hernandez was a new member attendee tonight
Michelle Masters
  • Secretary’s Report
    • Review of prior meeting’s minutes – Amanda reviewed the prior minutes, Amanda motioned and Michelle was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed with changes
Amanda Jenkins
  • Coach’s Report
      • Applebee’s – he would like to do this for the Flapjack breakfast the 1st or 2nd weekend after the season ends
  • This will be tabled until next year
      • Coach has a special request – Melissa Green did repairs on the black out jerseys and she did ask not to be reimbursed but he would like to reimburse her for her time. Michelle motioned for a check to be issued for $50 and Kim was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed.
George De La Torre
  • President’s Report
  • Google Apps have been approved and Michelle has started the transition, we do need to have a Technical Admin.  Kim Stratman asked if someone was the admin if someone would show that person how it works and Michelle said she would be happy to help whoever wanted to do that.
  • Michelle would like to motion for the change and Colleen wanted to make sure this change would be started when the new board members start.
  • Michelle motioned for the change, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • A parent recommended that we buy already made popcorn from Costco and scoop it out and sell it that way
Michelle Masters


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Review September Transaction reports and Bank Statement – Sarah motioned to approve the financials, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
    • Savings account has $25
    • Checking account has $24,010.76, ending book balance is $24,506.45
    • Concession net profit was $4,101.33
  • Sarah recommended not accepting any bill over $20 because it makes it hard for deposits and not a good idea to let people know we don’t have that make money on hand.
    • Net profit for the year $14,075.90
    • Sarah does have a check for Agape
Sarah Young


  • Fundraising VP’s Report
      • Kona Ice was a check for $236 for the month
      • Flapjack breakfast was discussed prior – Michelle said coach is ok to do the Saturday after Senior Night – Collen asked that we just table this until next year. Everyone agreed with that idea.
      • Concessions – Amanda recommended that hot food should be sold only for Varsity games because we waste a lot during the freshman and JV. – Amanda will still send out votes for the concession items each week
Colleen Reed
  • Special Events VP’s Report
    • Media Guide – has already done 2nd proofing and 3rd proofing will be tomorrow and will need help doing this proofing. The proofing will be at Michelle’s house on Thursday 10/15 at 6 or 6:30pm
    • Senior Night is the last home varsity game and Stella went over how Senior Night works – Tricia Hill will open her house to make posters for senior night
  • We discussed the parent gifts for senior parents – Prep work will be
    • Highlight Night – Stella went over highlight night and we need to discuss the date. – Coach will check with the filming company to find out when the highlight videos will be done. Highlight Night will be November 12th at 6pm for Freshman, 7pm for JV and 8pm for Varsity – Stella will check with Dairy Queen for cakes, then there will be coffee and hot chocolate.  
  • We discussed gifts for the senior boys and Tracey will look into some prices
    • Award Night – Michelle was told by Scott Mohn that all coaches are on their own for awards night – Coach will find out and if so then we can combine the Award and Highlight night.
Stella Garibo
  • Team Meals
    • Team Meals – Outback is providing 200 meals that we can sell for $10 so we would make $2,000 – this night will be 1 night on Monday thru Thursday. We need to pick a date in the month of November.  Outback will be scheduled for November 18th and if that doesn’t work then November 19th
  • Team meal total $6,436.54 was donated, she is still waiting for totals from Texas Roadhouse, Outback and Stufrageous
  • Angela discussed an email that she received from Ihop that apologized for the miscommunication and that breakfast was not ready and that there was irritation.  Michelle stated that Susan was frustrated because they were questioning her and she got a little irritated.
  • Angela discussed that she wants everyone to go in like she would and to be considerate and nice to those that are donating meals.
Angela Almanza
  • Recap task assignments
  • Meeting Adjournment – Michelle motioned to close the meeting at 8:49pm, Colleen was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
Michelle Masters