Booster Member Meeting 8-11-2015

Monthly Member Meeting Minute

Dobson High School – 1501 W Guadalupe Rd Room S2

August 11, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Time Topic Description Topic Leader
  • Assembly/meet & greet
  • Meeting Commencement / Introductions & Welcome New Attendees
  • Michelle motioned to start the meeting, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 6:41pm
  • Welcome new member, Kim
Michelle Masters
  • Secretary’s Report
    • Review of prior meeting’s minutes – Amanda reviewed the minutes from July and there is a spelling error to correct.
    • Amanda motioned to approve July minutes, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed.
    • June minutes –
Amanda Jenkins
  • Coach’s Report
    • Coach said there is a possibility that Basha may come for the scrimmage on Thursday. Angela does have a team meal for Thursday from Olive Garden, if the cafeteria is not approved it will be done in the coach’s room – Stella will pick up the meal
    • Received 3 new water machines that need to be stored in the concession stand.
    • JV scrimmage will be on 8/20 at 6pm – will sell fan gear
George De La Torre
  • President’s Report
  • Varsity this year is $3,300 – Includes away and home games along with end zone and upload to Hudl
  • JV and Freshman is $2,100 – Includes 5 games each, press box video for 4 games and upload to Hudl
  • Last year we gave the highlight video to the Varsity players
  • Agape will be $7,500 – Michelle motioned, Stella was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed, this will be paid as $1,500 now and the remaining balance in September and October
  • August – Red Mountain Scrimmage at 6pm – Informal Freshman Scrimmage on 8/14 – JV Scrimmage on 8/20 – Varsity has an away game on 8/21 with Perry, there will be a team meal unsure who it will be right now –
  • Team meals need to be locked in for dates
  • Black out Jersey Recap – 18 boy earned them but 2 are no longer playing so we are paying for 16
  • Michelle did a locker room project with magnets, varsity players has a picture of the field, Seniors have their name and number on it.  JV and Freshman have smaller ones with the Junior Varsity and Freshman Football.  She does have the information to do it next year also.
  • Agape Invoice Vote – we are being asked to fund the JV and Freshman games this year along with Varsity.
  • Website & Facebook Statistics – In May the website had more visits than any other time in history – Facebook also had some spikes in July and August
  • Google Apps Migration plan – We have been approved for google apps, now we will be instead of, Michelle needs to still do some set up for this first. – Within the next month we will start the transition.
  • Review next 60 days –
Michelle Masters
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Review July Transaction reports and Bank Statement – Sarah went over the bank statement
    • Checking is $21,816
    • Savings is $25
    • Expenditure – $653
    • Concession – $486.07
    • Camp Incentives – $580
    • Under Armour – $5,000 was approved but she needs an invoice
    • Camp Scholarship was $2,650
    • Melissa Green $180
    • Have not seen invoices for Media Guide, Yard Signs
    • Sarah motioned to approve, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
Sarah Young
  • Fundraising VP’s Report
    • Concession Budget – We need to see what sells before we decide to buy new items – Inventory will be done to see what will be needed and possible funding or budget
    • Flap Jack Fundraiser – trying to do this the week before homecoming however we will check with Coach for before and after Homecoming
    • Candy Donation – All parents to donate candy for cheer to decorate the locker room. – Email needs to be sent out to the parents but we need to have a place for the donations to go, drop off at the concession stands for the boys
    • Card Sales – we will discuss this later because the boys are selling cards right now
    • Outback offered 200 free meals for tickets to sell for $10 (we create the ticket) this can be for 1 night or for a full week, we need to pick a date. – End of the season for a full week – Angela will work on a proposal for this
Colleen Reed












Angela Almanza

  • Special Events VP’s Report
    • Media Guide – Angela will send Stella the information
    • Yard Signs – Need final inventory of what we have compared to how many boys we have – email needs to be sent out, August 29th will be the day that we do the renovations at 10am
Stella Garibo
  • Other Business
    • Open Floor
(any member)
  • Recap task assignments
  • Meeting Adjournment – Michelle motioned for the close of the meeting, Amanda was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 8:30pm
Michelle Masters