Booster Member Meeting 5-14-2015

Monthly Member Meeting Minutes

Dobson High School – 1501 W Guadalupe Rd Room S2

May 12, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Time Topic Description Topic Leader
  • Assembly/meet & greet
  • Meeting Commencement / Introductions & Welcome New Attendees
    • Michelle motioned to start the meeting, Stella was 2nd, all voted in favor and none opposed at 6:42pm
    • No new members
Michelle Masters
  • Secretary’s Report

o  Review of prior meeting’s minutes – Julie motioned for approval of prior meeting minutes, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed

Amanda Jenkins
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Review April Transaction reports and Bank Statement – $8,444.33 balance in checking, Savings account balance is $25, outstanding checks is $550.00
      • Sarah motioned for approval of finances, Amanda was 2nd, all voted in favor and none opposed
Sarah Young
  • Golf Tournament Recap and Lessons Learned
    • Golf Tournament Income was $7,259.69, Expenses $3,644.38,

Net Revenue $3,614.31

  • Our income per golfer was higher this year than it was last year even though we made about $4,600 last
  • Lessons Learned –
    • What we did well – Sarah liked the reports, Julie liked that the golfers grabbed food after golfing to avoid the line, Amanda thought the check in went well.
    • Suggestions – to prefill the check in form to tell if the registration was paid or not, Angela suggested that there be an option to pay for everything online, everyone have copies of the golfer groups (this comes from Kokopelli), making packets for the golfers with all the information, volunteer schedules to be done prior to the event, before to discuss the schedule, more organized planning meetings and more of them
    • Golf Holes and Prize Tables – the gift baskets and auction items were nice but we felt we needed more space and better organization of the raffle items, Coach suggested having the PA system closer to the table, doing ball drop first (before eating, and give time for volunteers to eat in a schedule, more golf related items as prizes would be good.
    • Better rotation with volunteers so no one is stuck at any particular place, mandatory orientation dinner for volunteers.
Michelle Masters Colleen Reed Angela Almanza Amanda Jenkins Stella Garibo


  • Spring Showcase – review anything from Coach that needs Boosters
    • Friday, May 15th at 6:00pm
    • No concessions or apparel for this event
    • Parents need to be emailed to bring water for this event – Coach will send out an email to remind parents about the event – Sean Masters will post on Twitter and Stella will post on Facebook
Michelle Masters
  • Tournament & Cow Chip Bingo Planning – develop initial task list, assignments, and due dates
    • Angela is going to claim Cow Bingo as her event and will work with Colleen Reed with fundraising
    • Saturday, June 27th on the main field with a time TBD – Coach will let us know about the time
    • Cow Bingo meeting scheduled Wednesday, May 13th to discuss the cows and time frame and logistics
      • After this meeting Angela will set up Cow Bingo Meetings for planning
Michelle Masters Angela Almanza
  • AZ Football Coach’s Association – told coach we were paid so Michelle will hold onto the 2nd check that was written because they did not show the first
  • Cookie Dough – Booster needs to be here Thursday, May 14th from 3-6 to hand out cookie dough
  • Group emails or texts need to go out to everyone with any information so that everyone is notified of all events
  • Graduation Water Sales – Coach will get names and we will draw names for 11 boys to sell the water to the graduation guests – Michelle Masters, Sarah Young, Keyester Gilbert, Colleen Reed, Amanda Jenkins,

Corie Ellmer will if needed, Michelle Masters will ask Michelle McManis

o  Water we have – 14 cases in Arrow Storage and 8 cases at Stella’s house

  • Meeting Adjournment – Sarah motioned to close the meeting, Angela was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 8:19pm
Michelle Masters


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