Booster Member Meeting 4-14-2015

Monthly Member Meeting Minutes

Dobson High School

1501 W Guadalupe Rd Room S2

April 14, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Time Topic Description Topic Leader
  • Assembly/meet & greet
  • Meeting Commencement / Introductions & Welcome New Attendees
    • Sarah motioned to start meeting, Amanda was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 6:36pm
    • New member Keyester Gilbert was introduced
Michelle Masters
  • Secretary’s Report

o  Review of prior meeting’s minutes – Amanda will make necessary changes – Amanda motioned to approve, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed

Amanda Jenkins
  • Updates from Perkins – Presented by Michelle Masters
    • Staff and procedural updates – not discussed
    • Review upcoming DHS Athletics activities and goals – not discussed
Dr. Ray Perkins Donna Koch
  • Coach’s Report
    • Staff, player, equipment updates – not discussed
    • Showcase Night – May 15that 5:30pm. Coach would like the concession stands and apparel sale that
      • Angela suggested having a vendor come in that night to sell hotdogs, chips, (Angela will check and send an email out with the price so that the booster and voters can vote.)
    • Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Brochures get handed out this week, selling starts 4/16/15, orders in by 5/8/15 with delivery on 5/14/15. Coach would like booster support for the handing out to parents between 3-6pm.
    • Coach gave Michelle Masters the football schedule so that she can make one for him
    • AZ Football Coach’s Association will be for $460 (which is within the approved $550 )
    • Next meeting coach would like to discuss the summer challenges
    • Spring football shorts sales – Coach will check and see how many there are for the sales. Booster and volunteers will pick when during spring ball we will sell
    • There was a fire in the gym so there will not be water troughs for spring football but hopefully will be replaced by
George De La Torre
  • President’s Report

o  Operations/Administrative Updates – Food for Less and Safeway community rewards have been submitted but she has not heard anything yet. Michelle will send out another reminder to sign up for Fry’s Community Rewards.

Michelle Masters


  • Team Building – Flashback on Forming > Storming > Norming > Michelle discussed and reminded everyone of making sure that everyone has good communication and that we stay as a tight and close team.
  • Business Cards and Spare Keys Handout – Michelle handed out the cards and Keys are for on campus storage and Arrow (includes codes for gate)
  • Twitter Proposals – Use Group Tweet $4.99/month for security and leverage Sean Masters to facilitate regular Tweets to our Followers – Michelle discussed how Group Tweet works for $4.99 per month that allows you to go to a website or a text that will put on Sean Masters offered to facilitate because we do not post enough. We can send him information and Sean will post whatever we need as well as schedules or reminders from coach. Monitoring will be by booster and this feature allows us to go on and monitor tweets.
    • Michelle motioned for Sean to post on Twitter and Group Tweet, Stella was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed.
    • Amanda offered to post more on twitter multiple times during the
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Review March Transaction reports and Bank Statement – Michelle went over the bank Ending balance is $7,245.42. Debits

$1,066.59. There is outstanding checks of $1,240.00 (waiting for clearing). Savings balance is $25.

  • Michelle motioned to approve finances, Amanda was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed.

o  Michelle discussed the Budget Fiscal Year 2015. Michelle would like to go over this at least every quarter.

Sarah Young
  • Fundraising VP’s Report – not discussed
    • Recap prior activities
      • Status of La Famiglia fundraising check – Michelle will check status
      • Status of Papa John’s fundraising check – Angela will check status
    • Upcoming scheduled activities
      • 5/2 – Golf Tournament at Kokopelli –

Next golf meeting is 4/22/15 in Coach’s Room

– will discuss information at this meeting

  • Car Wash Dates
  • Sponsor/Donor update
  • Upcoming activities to be scheduled
    • Graduation Water Sales – Stella will get water donation from Sonic.
    • Date TBD – Cow Plunk Dinner

Colleen Reed


(Michelle Masters) (Angela Almanza)










Stella Garibo

  • Special Events VP’s Report
Stella Garibo


  • Upcoming activities to be scheduled
    • Locker Room Update – not discussed
    • Coach’s Polo’s – Stella discussed the types of apparel for coaches, players, and An outline was given to members for review that shows who pays for what shirts.
    • Media Guide Update – Stella is meeting with Donna about picture dates.
    • Yard Signs – need inventory done
    • Storage Room – Francisco will do repairs
    • Showcase Night – In coach’s section.
  • Team Rep Reports
    • Freshman & JV Communications – not discussed
    • Varsity Communications – not discussed


Angela Almanza Kelly Stout

  • Other Business
  • Mail Box Renewal – Renewal is due $31 for 6 months and $62 for a Amanda will send out email vote to eligible voters.
  • Weight Room Platforms – Angela is working on getting Home Depot to create and donate
  • Open Floor –








(any member)

  • Recap task assignments
  • Meeting Adjournment – Michelle motioned to close the meeting, Stella was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed at 8:55pm
Michelle Masters


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