Booster Member Meeting 2-10-2015

Monthly Member Meeting Minutes

Dobson High School – 1501 W Guadalupe Rd Room S2

February 10, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm



Time Topic Description Topic Leader
  • Assembly/meet & greet
  • Meeting Commencement / Introductions & Welcome New Attendees
  • New Member – Winston Crowell
  • Michelle motioned, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 6:38pm
Michelle Masters
  • Secretary’s Report
    • Review of prior meeting’s minutes – Sarah motioned, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
    • Staff & procedural updates
Amanda Jenkins
  • Athletic Director’s Report – not in attendance
    • Staff and procedural updates
    • Review upcoming DHS Athletics activities and goals
      • Junior High Step Up Nights

Dr. Ray Perkins

Donna Koch


  • Coach’s Report
    • Staff, player, equipment updates
    • Needs white board markers
    • We only secured the March 12th date in the auditorium and April 1st in B118 for the mandatory meeting starting at 6:30
    • Have not received information for the free physicals, we need to push hard for all the packets to be in before summer begins so we can hand out equipment sooner
    • Spring football is scheduled April 27th for all levels, freshman may be a week earlier
    • Cow Plunk – wants this to go around spring football, we can use the practice field next to the main field where the showcase will go on – Michelle asked if we could push this back to do before the season starts – coach will think about this – we will have to host a 7 on 7 so that we can do the cow plunk
  • 10 teams 3 games each on the practice fields and do the food stuff on the basketball court
    • He is going to get a time set up to meet at Carson Junior, he will let us know about the Dobson Academy dates
    • Sponsor letter will start on 2/17 for the JV and Varsity – he will hold them accountable for the 10 addresses
    • Review of DHS Football activities and goals
      • 5/21 Graduation Water Sales – this is approved

George De La Torre







  • President’s Report
    • Operations/Administrative Updates
    • Email D-list naming proposal – distribution list – what if we do class of instead of by grade of team
    • Registered for – started but not finished because of we need the checks, Michelle started the list and to get that out to the parents so they can see the wish list, also added the booster club wish list
    • Registered for – you get discounts
    • Registered for – We can solicit for volunteers
    • Michelle has a friend who is starting a company that you we can rent tools for a week
    • Throwback Thursday on social media

Michelle Masters





  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Review Bank Account Transition Plan – Switched to Desert Schools from Bank of America
    • Review January Transaction reports and Bank Statement – Sarah will send out in email for a vote
    • Review 2015 budget draft – Status – Sarah has updated everything for 2014, Angela has the team meal total and will send to Sarah
    • Sarah printed the articles, we need to do the 990 postcard, Capital Times is like $20
    • Closed Bank of America and opened Desert Schools, $25 in the savings account to hold it open

Sarah Young





  • Fundraising VP’s Report
    • Recap prior activities
      • Status of La Famigla fundraising check – Michelle will check
      • Status of Papa John’s fundraising check – Angela has texted and went to the store and she is still trying to figure out if it is once a year or every couple months
    • Upcoming scheduled activities
      • 5/2 – Golf Tournament at Kokopelli – We have sent out a lot of stuff, we got movie tickets, Berge ford and Dixon are sponsors
      • We will have a Golf meeting at Native New Yorker on 2/26
      • Motion for $750 Golf deposit made by Sarah, Angela was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
    • Sponsor/Donor update
    • Bowling, Saturday or late Friday evening rent the whole place, for $10 is 2 hours of bowling and shoes is cost, we can sell the tickets for what we want – Coach will ask the students about this
    • Car wash dates so that we can schedule the pancake breakfasts so that we can advertise
    • Water – Stella says that she doesn’t mind ordering water and picking it up –
    • Colleen will contact Luv My Bling
    • Colleen spoke with Native New York – she wants to do a lot of things with the school – she does catering
    • Upcoming activities to be scheduled
      • Date TBD – Cow Plunk Dinner – coach’s section

Colleen Reed


(Michelle Masters)

(Angela Almanza)

  • Special Events VP’s Report
    • Upcoming activities to be scheduled
    • Social Media Days – throw out more fun days for communication, rotating social media responsibility where everyone picks a day for social media
    • Shutterfly Share – started last year, she needs to work out the kinks and everyone can contribute photos and videos – Stella will send information to the board, parents can submit but not edit
    • Locker Room Setup – Stella wants to meet with Coach regarding this
    • Sonic wants to do cards and she does not know what the cut is on them, coach wants to make sure it is 70/30%, they also want to do a fundraising night
Stella Garibo
  • Team Rep Reports
    • Freshman & JV Communications
    • Varsity Communications


Angela Almanza

Kelly Stout

  • Other Business
    • Status of On-Campus shed (floor replacement) – Kelly – Stella will check with her husband
    • Status of Sponsor Plaques w/helmet – Lance – coach says Lance brought the stuff to coach
    • Recap of 2014 Team Meal Donations – Angela – in treasurer section, we got donations
    • Open Floor
  • Walker and mouth guards, we need to find out about the physicals so we can hand out flyer for mouth guard then
  • The student who broke into the concession stand was charged and convicted
  • Julie – bands that go around the weight benches, she bought 1 yard and she gave it to Melissa Green and she will do the band for $10 a piece, $10 a band x 16 bands – need about a yard and a half to 2 yards so it would be about $180 approximately
  • Workout bag needs to be sewn and it would cost $20 to fix by Melissa Green
  • Vote for $200 for weight bench bands and workout bag fixing, Michelle motioned, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Buy more harnesses $20 each x 15, Motion for $300 by Michelle, Stella was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Cow meeting on 2/19 at Native New Yorker at 6:30pm


Kelly Stout


Lance Blessing


Angela Almanza

(any member)

  • Recap task assignments
  • Meeting Adjournment – Amanda motioned, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
Michelle Masters




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