Booster Member Meeting 1-13-2015

Monthly Member Meeting Minutes

Dobson High School – 1501 W Guadalupe Rd Room S2

January 13, 2015 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm



Time Topic Description Topic Leader
6:15pm Assembly/meet & greet Informal
6:30pm Meeting Commencement / Introductions & Welcome New Attendees

  • Stella motioned, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 6:41pm
Michelle Masters


6:35pm Secretary’s Report

  • Review of prior meeting’s minutes – motioned by Julie and Sarah was 2nd, all in favor none opposed
  • Staff & procedural updates
    • 2015 Team Contact Information – update to Varsity, JV and Freshman instead of by grade
    • Michelle will get all of our information together and I will send to all board members
Amanda Jenkins






6:45pm Athletic Director’s Report – We need to get the 2nd coffee urn

  • (Not in attendance)
Dr. Ray Perkins
Donna Koch


7:00pm Coach’s Report

  • Still working with the district on camp details
  • Staff, player, equipment updates
    • Status of Harnesses purchase – purchase was made by Coach and he was reimbursed for $215.99
    • Review of 2015 expenditure requests
    • Wish list for the renewal of membership to the Arizona Football Coaches Association cost is $550 – (vote results: Sarah motioned, Stella was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed)
    • Wish list for Glazier Football Clinics for $397 – (vote results:  Sarah motioned, Julie was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed)
  • Status of Junior High activities
    • On Tues 1/27 at 6:30pm will be a meeting with incoming freshman parents in coach’s room
    • Review of DHS Football activities and goals
      • 5/21 Graduation Water Sales – Coach turned the form in
      • Status of meeting schedule w/Karen Ulatte (RMHS) – Michelle called her and we will meet in the coach’s room – This will be on Monday 1/19 at 7pm in coach’s room
      • Coach will make a shopping list of things he needs and we will pick up every month
George De La Torre






(Stella Garibo)

(Michelle Masters)







7:15pm President’s Report

  • Operations/Administrative Updates
    • Review MPS Guidelines for SSOs and Activity Request Process
    • Status of NBCTC renewal  – Sarah contacted them to discuss renewal and the cost
  • Transition Status
    • MPS SSO form (aka Indemnity Form) – need to submit this form
    • Storage: Arrow & On-campus Shed – Need to find other storage key for Arrow
    • Login IDs: Social Media, Google Accounts – everyone should be able to get into the accounts, if passwords get changed please let Michelle know
    • Post Office Box – we will need to get ID’s in Michelle will speak with the Post Office regarding this and keeping the same box when the renewal is due
Michelle Masters


(Sarah Young)


(Kelly Stout)


(Stella, Colleen, Amanda)


7:30pm Treasurer’s Report

  • Review Bank Account Transition Plan – Looking into switching from Bank of America to Desert Schools
    • Review December Transaction reports and Bank Statement  – current bank balance is $9,445.86
    • Review 2014 Income and Expense report – Income for the year was $37,890.72, expenditures $35,456.63 with a net income of $2,434.09
    • Review 2015 budget draft – Sarah is going to use QuickBooks to get a budget set up, would like done by the end of next month
  • Angela will email the team meal total to Sarah
  • Financials vote: Colleen motioned, Angela was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
Sarah Young

(Michelle Masters)







7:45pm Fundraising VP’s Report
o   Recap prior activities

  • Status of La Famigla fundraising check
  • Status of Papa John’s fundraising check

o   Upcoming scheduled activities

  • 5/2 – Golf Tournament at Kokopelli – contract amount per player is $42 versus last year was $35, are we going to increase the player amount, Increase the individual price by $10
    • Has sent out a lot of letters for sponsor and donation requests
    • Will check with Kokopelli to see if there can be a wine sampler at a hole for the wine contact – Michelle will check with them and let Colleen know
    • Need to get the 990 for Ping, Adidas & Nike
    • for $500 and people to work
    • Golf meeting TBD
    • Golf tournament deposit vote: Angela motioned, Stella was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Upcoming activities to be scheduled
    • Date TBD – Cow Plunk Dinner – We should be able to net $40,000 and we will split 90% to Booster and 10% to the boys – Coach would like this on  5/14 or 5/15, camp money will come out of the boys portion of the money, we need to find the cows and fencing – He will give the information to Angela to contact
Colleen Reed


(Michelle Masters)
(Angela Almanza)










(Angela Almanza)





8:00pm Special Events VP’s Report
o   Upcoming activities to be scheduled

  • Step up night is on 1/22 starting at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria – school will provide the table, coach will bring 10 players and will handle the jerseys and helmets
Stella Garibo



8:15pm Team Rep Reports

  • Freshman & JV Communications
  • Varsity Communications
Angela Almanza

Kelly Stout

8:30pm Other Business

  • Status of On-Campus shed (floor replacement) – Kelly – not in attendance
  • Status of Sponsor Plaques w/helmet – Lance – not in attendance
  • Recap of 2014 Team Meal Donations – Angela – will get the total to Sarah via email
  • Open Floor
    • Website Renewal Vote for $280: Michelle motioned, Angela was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
Kelly Stout
Lance Blessing
Angela Almanza
(any member)


  • Recap task assignments
  • Meeting Adjournment – Michelle motioned, Colleen was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed at 8:43pm
Michelle Masters




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