Booster Member Meeting 12-9-2014

____________Dobson Football Booster Club_____________________

DFBC Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2014 at 6:30pm

President: Sarah Young                                                 1st Vice President: Julie Erickson

2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters                        2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout

Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                             Secretary: Amanda Jenkins

Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                       Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing

Motion to start the meeting: Michelle motioned, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed at 6:43pm

  1. Recognize new Members and reminder of voting privilege after two (2) consecutive meetings, including via Attendance by Proxy per By-Laws (Time: 5 minutes)

2. Meeting Minutes and Financials review (vote at end of meeting): (Time: 1 minute introduction)

  • November 2014 Financials vote –  hard copy for Member review (Lance)
  • November 2014 Minutes vote – hard copy for member review (Amanda)

3. Treasurer: (Time: 5 minutes)

  • Lance Blessing – Financial update:  just over $9,000, just waiting for a check from Kelly to go the

4. Comings and Goings: (Time: 2 minutes)

  • Introduction of new Officers – Effective as of 12/9/14 the new Officers are: President is Michelle Masters, VP Special Events – Stella Garibo, VP Fundraising – Colleen Reed, Treasurer – Sarah Young, Secretary – Amanda Jenkins
    • Julie will help as needed
  • Status of transition activities for each office (2-3 min each)
    • Sarah is going to look at credit unions this weekend
    • Look for one that allows multiple people to log in with separate id and password

5. Fundraising: (Time: 10 minutes)

  • Monthly Sponsor Meals: final value of donated meals (Angela) she will email the total
  • Papa Johns – status of check from Papa Johns (Angela) – emailed but have not heard back, she will send another email this week
  • Luv My Bling – status of payment (Julie) – Sarah has the check received
  • La Famiglia – status of payment (Michelle) – Michelle did not get a chance to stop yet

6. Other Business (Time: 10 minutes)

  • NBCTC renewal – status update (Sarah/Lance) – Sarah has not been able to speak with anyone there and according to the email we have until 12/11 or get terminated – Michelle thinks it could be a benefit to keep it, cost is $95
  1. Coach (Time: 15 minutes)
  2. Old Business: (Time: 1 minute)


  • Coach wanted to give thanks to the booster club for award night and highlight night, everything went good
  • Will be getting a wish list together for the coming year
  • Headphones work great
  • He would like Karen (President of Red Mountain) to come and speak with us about how she runs the booster club – he will call her and request that she meet with us
  • Request for speed harnesses for a purchase as soon as we can, Sports Exchange has them that are about $25 each, he would like to get 3-4 shoulder harness and he would like to get 5 waist harness and they are $20 each. Cost would be about $200 with tax included


  • Storage Room – Lance will measure the floor and Kelly will try to get donations
  • Dilly’s Deli – received check already
  • Mailbox – Need everyone on executive board to take IDs down to Post Office – Lance says we have to wait until the box expires before it can be closed and reopened, expires like May time frame – to add we just need a photocopy of ID
  • Lance did the helmet plaque and put a 5×7 team picture with year plaques for each time they are sponsors, will check about a picture frame

8. New Business (Time: 10 minutes)

  • November 2014 Financials vote : Julie motioned, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed
  • NBCTC vote for $95, Lance motioned, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed
  • Harness for $220, Michelle motioned, Julie was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed
  • Junior high parent meetings in early March, he already called Rhodes and making sure the parents are educated about what is expected
  • Upcoming Events & Activities for the next 90 days – Review assignments and status
    • January –
    • February – meet parents at junior high
    • March – formal meeting with parents

Motion to close the meeting: Lance motioned, Sarah was 2nd, all in favor, none opposed at 7:44pm

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