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IMPORTANT CHANGE – Booster meetings are typically held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. For November, this would fall on Veteran’s Day. As such, the November meeting was moved to Monday 11/10 in honor of Veteran’s day.

Dobson Families –

As a parent, guardian, coach, or adult-friend of Dobson Football, you are invited to join the Booster Club at any time. Simply attend one of our monthly meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Use these times to get more information about upcoming events, provide input for those events, and/or help coordinate a wide variety of Booster Club activities that take place throughout the year – even during the off-season.

The Dobson Football Booster Club is governed by volunteers Board members who are elected each November during the general Booster Club meeting, the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Please consider running for one of these positions or attending the October and November meetings so that you can vote for the persons running for the positions. The position descriptions are included below.

You do not need to be a member of the Board to make a difference! If you simply want to vote in the November elections, you need to be a voting-eligible member. This happens upon attending your second consecutive Booster Club meeting. For example, those who attend the October meeting are eligible to vote at the November meeting when elections are held. Even if you plan to not vote, consider attending a few meetings each year and reading the meeting minutes that we post to our website (www.DobsonFootball.com).

Choosing to run for a Board position will give you have additional opportunities to provide direction for the Booster Club and work with the Coaches and School Administration on various events, fundraising, and supplemental volunteer the needs for all the Dobson Football teams – Freshman, JV, and Varsity. You can self-nominate for any position. We use an online nomination form, which can be accessed from our website (www.DobsonFootball.com). If you are nominating another person, that person must confirm his/her acceptance of your nomination prior to the elections taking place.

Remember, you must attend the October 14th meeting (in person or by proxy) to be eligible to vote at the November 11th meeting.

The Dobson Football Booster Club ByLaws, located on our website, contain additional details about the voting and proxy process. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about these processes or the Board positions below (DobsonFootballBoosterClub@gmail.com).

Executive Board Positions

  • President: The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Booster Club and shall supervise and control all the business affairs of the Booster Club, including such duties as presiding at all meetings, communication between the Dobson Football Booster Club and the current Head Coach, Athletic Director and as necessary to the School Board, signing or authorizing all instruments which the Booster Club authorizes to be executed, and in general, shall perform all duties required of the office of President. For success in this position, a person in this position generally has leadership or managerial experience/skills.
  • Vice Presidents – Fundraising: This office is the most demanding and is held by two persons. Responsibilities include the coordination of all fundraising activities, such as: car washes, annual golf tournament, sponsorship drives, annual Media Guide advertising sales, concession stand coordination, and other fundraising activities. For success in this position, persons usually have event planning experience/skills and are comfortable soliciting funds from others.
  • Vice President – Special Events: This office coordinates special events such as: yard sign renovation & handouts, locker room setup, Media Guide compilation, team picture day volunteers, Senior night volunteers, Highlights Night parties for each team, and other special events as determined by the board members. For success in this position, a person often has event planning experience or similar planning skills.
  • Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for distributing agendas and capturing minutes for Booster Club meetings. This position is the custodian of records for the Booster Club, such as electronic copies of meeting minutes and other files, and keeps register of email addresses for each board member. The Secretary also works with the Membership Chair, and may serve as the Membership Chair if one is not elected, to determine voting rights of members at the start of each general membership meeting. For success in this position, a person typically has typing experience/skills and is comfortable using computers.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for all funds and/or securities of the Booster Club. This position coordinates the review and update of the Booster Club’s annual budget plan and uses an electronic accounting system to track all accounts receivable/payable. The Treasurer ensures that expenses are properly voted upon and initiates payment of expenses as approved according to the Booster Club by-laws. For success in this position, a person should have accounting or bookkeeping experience/skills and is comfortable using computers.

Officer Board Positions

  • Membership Chair: The Membership Chair is responsible for keeping an up-to-date membership list, including email addresses and contact information, and collecting a sign-in sheet from every meeting to then present to the Secretary for the meeting minutes. They are responsible for tracking who is eligible for voting within each Regular Board Meeting, including Proxy attendees. For success in this position, a person should have basic computer skills.
  • Members-at-Large: This position can be filled by up to  two (2) members. Members at Large are responsible for communications between the community and the Dobson Football Booster Club. This may include assisting the Team Representatives or other Board members  with their communications, such as Fundraising and Special Event marketing communications. This position is often asked to update the DobsonFootball.com website as well as sending Facebook posts and Twitter messages. Success in this position typically leverages talents in drafting communications, computer savvy, and possibly some website design understanding (although not necessary).
  • Team Representatives: Each team can have up to two (2) team representatives. The Team Representatives are responsible for making sure that information is being communicated to Dobson Football families. They also provide assistance to the Executive officer position to which they are assigned as indicated below:
    • Varsity Team Representative(s) assist the Vice President –  Fundraising
    • Junior Varsity Team Representative(s) assist the Vice Presidents – Special Events and President
    • Freshman Team Representative(s) assist the Secretary and Treasurer

*Freshman Team Representative(s) are commonly voted into their positions in May/June to represent the Freshman class during the Football fall season. JV positions cover until the Freshman positions are filled.

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