Booster General Meeting 9-9-2014

Draft submitted 9-10-2014

Vote for approval 10-14-2014

______________________Dobson Football Booster Club_____________________

DFBC Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2014 at 6:30pm

President: Sarah Young                                                 1st Vice President: Julie Erickson

2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters                        2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout

Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                             Secretary: Amanda Jenkins

Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                       Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing

Motion to start the meeting

  • Motion – Lance
  • 2nd – Julie
  • All in favor and none opposed

1. Recognize new Members and reminder of voting privilege after two (2) consecutive meetings, including via Attendance by Proxy per By-Laws (Time: 5 minutes)

2. Meeting Minutes and Financials review (vote at end of meeting): (Time: 1 minute introduction)

  • August 2014 Financials vote –  hard copy for Member review

3. Treasurer: (Time: 5 minutes)

  • Lance Blessing – Financial update
  • Lance Blessing – status of 501(c)3 – working on budget, can now track donations and will open a spreadsheet so that everyone can input donation or gift cards received.

4. Comings and Goings: (Time: 2 minutes)

  • Freshman Rep – Collen and Angela were voted and installed
    • Colleen – Michelle motioned, Kelly was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
    • Angela – Michelle motioned, Kelly was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Sophomore Rep – Stella was voted and installed
    • Michelle motioned, Marissa was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • We need more members/volunteers – Michelle redid the role positions and maybe we can send out an email with that information to pull in more people

5. Fundraising: (Time: 10 minutes)

    • Scoreboard Ads – Angela sent out an email this week for the scoreboard ads this week and to include the Papa John’s code
    • Monthly Sponsor Meals:
    • Village Inn – pie eating contest and sweet rewards cards (Nov. for cards), Donna gave names of student council members and Kelly and Michelle will contact them to see when we can do the pie eating contest.
    • Dilly’s Deli
    • EVS apparel andwebsite – fan orders should be done 9/10/14
      • Michelle suggested maybe we can have order forms at the concession stand for those who want to order and hopefully have back within a week, she will ask EVS about his.
      • Buy more shirts for the stock, order 10 shirts in all 3 colors for the XL and large and just 10 XXL shirts in blue.  Vote made for $300
        • Michelle motioned, Kelly was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
    • Goodwill – Kelly Stout November 8th – they will give flyers and we will advertise in Dobson Ranch and that we put flyers up in the neighborhoods but not until after the 11th.
    • Ho Ho Kam Foundation – Lance Blessing spoke with Mark and he has not heard anything yet and will let him know when he does.
    • Papa Johns – anyone in Arizona can use the code to get 40% off their online order and the football team gets back 10% back
    • Costco – Angela discussed how the fundraiser works and that we need to make a wish list
      • Coach will have a couple football players there and he would like to take a couple dummies, pads and helmet if Costco is ok with that
      • Michelle spoke with band and cheer and they were having a meeting to discuss it and she has not heard back from anyone yet
  • Luv My Bling – Julie Erickson – spoke with Dr. Perkins and he agreed to have Tammy and her trailer set up for the game on 9/12/14 even though the concession stand is not done yet, he will walk with Julie on 9/10/14 to find a good spot for her to set up.
  • Julie asked about making sure we advertise for this event, email, facebook, twitter, messenger, etc.


6. Other Business (Time: 10 minutes)

    • Family Passes – Kelly spoke with Mr. Stokes and they did not use the pass last year and she suggested that we give them gift cards, will see about getting them donated for the movies and La Familia but there was a vote for up to $75 for gift cards
      • Kelly motioned, Marissa was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
    • Mailbox – Need everyone on executive board to take IDs down to Post Office
    • Sponsor Plaque – Lance does not have a workable helmet yet, he has sent an email out and has not heard back from the shop teacher
    • Food Handlers Cards – Get them before it is too late.
    • Team Meals – Angela – all meals are covered but 2 freshman meals and the freshman parents would provide one meal
      • Freshman to have breakfast at 8am on Saturday in the coaches room and clean up before the varsity comes back in from stretching
      • Michelle has been providing Gatorade and water for pregame meals
      • Bruegger’s Bagels will be donating bagels every Saturday
        • Bananas and orange juice needed
    • Spirit Boutique Trailer –would like to get the trailer out but not allowed on the track and will talk to Dr. Perkins about where to put it
  • Football Media Guide – Julie said everything was sent to the printer and Matt told her it would take 2 weeks for proofing but he would try to have it done before that and he will send it to her for corrections. We will get together and try to have it done and sent back to the printer within 24 hours.  It will take about 2 weeks after that to get the guides
  • Julie would like to get Adrian something for doing the cover, she recommended a $25 gift card to Paradise Bakery, Julie motioned, Angela was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Highlight DVD – Kelly received an email suggesting that we have order forms for the DVDs and have people preorder them instead of buying them and then selling
  • Kelly suggested that Angela get money for paper goods since she has been using the Wal-Mart gift card to buy the plates and forks, Lance suggested that he buy that stuff at the Costco night fundraiser


  1. Coach (Time: 15 minutes)
  • Players were handed flyers for the drug awareness that is on 9/16/14 which is mandatory for parents and students
  • Popcorn machines – will look at them on Saturday
  • Breakfast at Applebees should be an alumni breakfast, coach will do a fundraising form, Kelly will check with the manager about the Sunday after homecoming.  Coach would like the boys to serve that day
  • Locker room fence, wants the slots that go thru the fence like what Costco has on theirs, will look and see if we can find some
  • Julie picked up a slip cover for the benches to look for plastic covers, at Joann’s it is $5.49 per yard and she would have to get pieces and sew them together, there are 1 new benches
  • Coach needs a coach’s request form for the booster club
  • Would like new headphones as they are falling apart and only 3 of 5 worked at the last game, he would like to have 7 headphones if possible.  They have to be compatible with the system they have already or we get all the same ones.  He says they are$4,000 to $7,000 and Angela will check into this and shop around

8. New Business (Time: 10 minutes)

  • Concessions: $300 per week on concession supplies approved
    • Sonic provides the water every Tuesday and Stella will pick up this next week since Michelle will be out of town, water goes the Lance and Lindsey except for the pregame meal water – usually between 16 and 20 cases
    • McDonald’s ice, Angela will speak with them on 9/10/14 about ice for the pregame meals and the home games
    • Received email from Allison inviting us to see the concession stand on 9/15/14 at 7am to look at the inside, sinks and counters will be installed next week.  Need to look at used appliances when the stands are almost done since they will not be provided by the district and there are no shelves included.
  • Senior Night – Julie will help with the senior night organization as she put a guide together to help, she will meet with the boys about writing letters to their parents and we will meet after the Freshman game on Saturday
  • Parent Poster Night – We will advertise for the senior parents if they want to do this and make sure it is marketed well.  Lance motioned, Julie was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Agape filming – Lance did not have the invoice with him but a vote for up to $4,000, Julie motioned, Kelly was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Banners – Need 4 banners that will cost $430 for La Familia, Papa Johns, Firehouse Subs and one more banner.  Michelle motioned, Kelly was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • Stadium Chairs – sell the 2 that we have before we buy more and then we will keep 5 at a time
    • Lindsey will check with EVS to see how long it would take to get the chairs when ordered
    • Michelle will look at the quality of the new ones
  • White Boards – Lance – we need $215 for the depth charts, Julie motioned, Angela was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  • August 2014 Financials vote
    • Michelle motioned, Lindsey was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed
  1. Old Business: (Time: 1 minute)
  • Locker Room Project – Coach says the chairs are worn down in the class room and he would still like some for the locker room but the class room is first.  He requested 100 but only got 38.  Kelly will contact Carmen regarding chairs
  • Storage Room – Lance will measure the floor and Kelly will try to get donations

Motion to close the meeting

  • Lindsey motioned, Michelle was 2nd, all in favor and none opposed

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