Booster General Meeting 8-12-2014

Approved 9-9-2014

______________________Dobson Football Booster Club_____________________

DFBC Meeting Agenda

August 12, 2014 at 6:30pm

President: Sarah Young                                                 1st Vice President: Julie Erickson

2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters                        2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout

Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                             Secretary: Amanda Jenkins

Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                       Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing

Motion to start the meeting – Lance motioned to start the meeting and Julie was second at 6:30pm

  1. Recognize new Members and reminder of voting privilege after two (2) consecutive meetings, including via Attendance by Proxy per By-Laws (Time: 5 minutes)
  • New member – Mona, freshman mom

2. Meeting Minutes and Financials review (vote at end of meeting): (Time: 1 minute introduction)

  • July 2014 Meeting Minutes – does anyone have this? Will email this out tonight for a vote
  • July 2014 Financials vote –  hard copy for Member review

3. Treasurer: (Time: 5 minutes)

  • Lance Blessing – Financial update – just under $12,000 and first order will be the concession stands, to start we will not need much money because the building is not up.  August 28th is the first game with JV and we will have coolers and easy ups.  We need a lot of Gatorade. If we can locate the coca cola coolers will make it easy, chips and non-melting candy.  Vote for $200 to start the concession then we can always vote later if more money is needed.

Lindsey motioned and Amanda was second, all in favor, no opposed.

  • Lance Blessing – status of 501(c)3 – working on budget – still working on budget, Lance will send to Sarah

4. Comings and Goings: (Time: 2 minutes)

  • Shernetra Scott was nominated and accepted as Freshman Representative, needs to be installed – Sarah will touch base with her to see if she still wants that position.
  • We need more members/volunteers – Getting comments from freshmen parents at recent fundraising events that they want to get involved. – Amanda will put an email together for the freshman parents to let them know what they can do to help.
  • Introduce new secretary: Amanda Jenkins

5. Fundraising: (Time: 10 minutes)

  • Scoreboard Ads – Which sponsors will be added? Need someone to work with A.D. – Dr. Perkins has not spoken to anyone about the ads but it is paid for spots because it is yearlong.  It is $250 and he said if there is a sponsor he doesn’t mind doing it for the meal sponsors, he will put them in for each game.
  • Monthly Sponsor Meals:
  • Applebee’s – Flapjack fundraiser. August 23rd Michelle and Kelly update (Carlie is manager). Players sell tickets and serve/cleanup. – The boys will start selling the tickets, we are updating the form before they sell them.  Sarah will update the form.  Coach does not have tickets but cannot be sold until the form is in
  • Dilly’s Deli – Julie spoke to Daniel (GM). Willing to set this up for us, we would receive 20% of the profit (ongoing deals would give us more of a percentage). Most successful is a 3-4 hour window. We would need to hand out the flyers and get it on social media (Facebook, Mustang Messenger, Newsletter, and Twitter). This might be a good location for our September event.
  • EVS apparel and website update. Need reopen dates.
  • Football Media Guide – Julie Erickson update
  • Goodwill – Kelly Stout November 8th – Goodwill will have a truck out in the parking lot for that days donations.
  • Ho Ho Kam Foundation – Lance Blessing update – Lance says he didn’t receive anything from them yet, last year was around the end of August
  • Pizza Hut – Michelle has been in contact with them. Sign and PA announcements for $500 in pizza. –
  • Luv My Bling – Julie spoke with Tammy and she will be out for the Home Varsity game on 9/12/14 and she would like to have some of her apparel out for the JV game so that everyone can see what it is like.  Julie is also discussing having a link on the website for her website.
  • Costco – Angela spoke with them and they have a school night on 9/3/14 and the school will benefit, they close their store and open it for the schools from 7-9, Lance said we can buy concession stand items on that night.

6. Other Business (Time: 10 minutes)

    • Yard Signs – Handed out on picture day August 9th – If anyone else needs a yard sign to let us know, we still have some.
  • Equipment Issue – complete
  • Family Passes – Mr. Stokes’ family athletic pass? –


  • Mailbox – Need everyone on executive board to take IDs down to Post Office – Lance how do we add Amanda – Lance needs to go there and get Theresa taken off and Amanda on.
  • Sponsor Plaque –mock-up for review at August meeting – Lance says the helmet that was cut is not even and he is trying to straighten it out, filing is taking too long he really needs a cutting tool. Coach DLT had Lance take a helmet to the shop class but has not heard anything, Coach says he hasn’t talked to him yet.
  • Depth Chart Board – vote for purchase of $90 – it is $95.67, was purchased already by Lance.  He says he is struggling with EVS because they don’t understand what he is talking about.  He was quoted $200 a piece to laminate. Lindsey motioned and Julie was 2nd, no opposed.
  • Food Handlers Cards – Get them before it is too late. – if you want to work in concession stand you must have this card, can take online and go to the office and get a picture, it is $13. You only need 1 card and it will stay in the concession stand.
  • Locker Room Project – pictures and circle plaque have been installed in locker room, coach has updates on chairs – Coach found chairs, folding chairs and the district is looking for them.  He will speak with whoever is heading up the locker room project and give them notes.  He ordered 100 and got 38 so far.
  • Team Meals – Shernetra has volunteered, need at least one more. – Sarah will talk to her about this as well
    • Freshman: Amanda and Colleen
    • JV & Varsity – Kelly and Michelle are working on
    • Costco – Angela spoke with them and they will work on hamburgers and hotdogs.
  • Spirit Boutique Trailer –Will we use for upcoming season?
  • Media Guide – We are meeting weekly to get this done, the cover draft was passed around – if there are any comments leave, write it down and put in plastic.  Waiting for some bios, students to check names to ensure spelled correct.  Selling spirit boxes.  Lance has only received 1 check for spirit box and Julie has 2 but she is doing a spread sheet.  We will schedule another meeting this week.  Still need pictures of the teams at DQ, Native and Burrito Express.
  1. Old Business: (Time: 1 minute)
  2. Coach (Time: 15 minutes)
  • Update By-Laws: New By-Laws posted online – updated online and posted for everyone. Shows positions and laws.
  • Storage Shed – Needs a new floor. Lance Blessing will head up, sometime in late fall.
  • Concessions:
  • – Update from Jason Lindsey – Lance
  • – Prep for upcoming season… unlikely to have building in August
  • Football stats for media guide
  • Scrimmage on Friday for Varsity intersquad – Coach would like concession supplies and it starts at 6pm to 9pm.  There will be no number jerseys – easy ups and coolers
  • Freshman started with 33 and now there is 45, JV is a large team with 63 students
  • Saturday session will be this Saturday 8/16/14, he asked Ellie to be here that day, do we want to start serving breakfast this Saturday, and there is about 53 people with students and coaches.
  • Wednesday 8/20/14 is Horizon scrimmage, home, 6pm start
  • Mustang cards – last check in is 8/19/14, he is really focused on the cards right now, and he will hit the Applebee’s tickets later this week after the form is in.  School announcements may have the wrong date for breakfast, he will listen to the announcements tomorrow.
  • Locker Room – appreciative of the pictures, he would like the floor to be 1 color and for some mats on the floor. Would like JV pictures in the locker room, he would like something to cover the chain link fence
  • Coach Cassias is trying to get photos of the all-state players, Martin says Coach Clark may be able to help with that.  Pictures taken by different people and need to find out who they were.
  • Emailed the current rooster for the teams to the booster, the rooster without sizes go to max preps and the one with the sizes is for the media guide.

9. New Business (Time: 10 minutes)

  • Varsity Football Scrimmage has been added to schedule Wednesday August 20th at 6 PM. Home game. Concessions?
  • Silver and Blue Scrimmage: August 15th at 6pm for Varsity. August 16th for Freshman, JV?
  • Update By-Laws:
  • Want to ensure volunteers are not drinking at our events
  • – Need to update the resignation/termination/interim assignment of the Executive Board and its Members section
  • July 2014 Financials vote – Lance will motion and Julie was 2nd all in favor no opposed.
  • Dr. Perkins asked the booster to fill in the indemnity form, he still needs the financials for the district.  With this form it falls under the insurance of the district.
  • Julie says Angela has done some research about the locker room a lot of it costs $200-300 and we probably won’t be able to do it with us having to stock the concession stand.  Coach says it is $2.27 for a foot long runner which works between the benches and it is about 100 feet that needs covered.
  • Julie says she spoke with the yearbook teacher and she can use the scanner but she wants to know if we use the varsity and smaller JV pictures – Coach would like to speak about it later, we have extra pictures that didn’t fit
  • Julie spoke with Donna and if we are looking to do highlights we need to submit a facility request – will cover at executive meeting

Motion to close the meeting – Lindsey motioned, Lance was 2nd, all in favor and no opposed at 7:30pm

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