Booster General Meeting 07-08-2014

Approved 8-12/2014

______________________Dobson Football Booster Club_____________________

DFBC Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2014 at 6:30pm


President: Sarah Young                                                 1st Vice President: Julie Erickson (did not attend)

2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters           2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout

Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                            Secretary:

Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                  Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing


Motion to start the meeting (6:30 PM) unanimous approved

1. Recognize new Members and reminder of voting privilege after two (2) consecutive meetings, including via Attendance by Proxy per By-Laws
– Colleen attended her first meeting
– Carmen has attended enough consecutive meetings for voting priviledges

2. Meeting Minutes and Financials review (vote at end of meeting):

  • June 2014 Meeting Minutes – Sarah will follow up with Theresa
  • June 2014 Financials vote –  hard copy for Member review

3. Treasurer:

  • Lance Blessing – Financial update
  • Lance Blessing – status of 501(c)3 – working on budget

4. Comings and Goings:

  • Shernetra Scott did not attend the meeting today, will need to be installed at the next meeting she attends
  • Theresa Blancas has stepped down – password has been changed. Sarah Young will stop in to the bank to remove Theresa from the account.
  • Jodi Kelly has stepped down – she will volunteer as her schedule allows
  • We need a Secretary it was announced as available. There are a few new members that might be interested.
    Amanda Jenkins has volunteered – Michelle motioned, Kelly second, unanimously approved
  • Covering Secretary Responsibilities:
    – Lance Blessing will handle Agenda and Minutes
    – Sarah Young will monitor Gmail inbox
    – Lindsey Blessing and Michelle Masters will handle Twitter and Facebook (need to change name of Twitter account)
  • We need more members/volunteers – Getting comments from freshmen parents at recent fundraising events that they want to get involved.

5. Fundraising:

  • Scoreboard Ads – Michelle has a short list of businesses that will be added to the scoreboard add. Anyone who donated meals can be added. Bisbee Breakfast on Guadalupe and Dobson is interested in sponsoring.
  • Monthly Sponsor Meals:
    Luv My Bling – July 23rd place orders at LMB from 5:30 until 6:30. Go to Cheddars afterwards… until 9 PM. Another e-mail will be sent out, and will be posted on Facebook. We will set up a brief meeting next week to discuss.
    Applebee’s – Flapjack fundraiser. August 23rd Michelle and Kelly are coordinating (Carlie is manager). Players sell tickets and serve/cleanup. We need to complete a W9. Short stack, bacon, coffee juice. Applebees only takes $3 for each attendee. Kids have to be no younger than 16 to work the event. Need to have boys sell tickets – $7 each. Kelly has flyers. Hours are 8 AM until 10 AM. Varsity does not have a game the Friday prior.
    Dilly’s Deli – Julie spoke to Daniel (GM). Willing to set this up for us, we would receive 20% of the profit (ongoing deals would give us more of a percentage). Most successful is a 3-4 hour window. We would need to hand out the flyers and get it on social media (Facebook, Mustang Messenger, Newsletter, and Twitter). This might be a good location for our September event. Located on Southern and Price.
    – October, third Saturday, we will have Homecoming and the Goodwill fundraiser, so it is unlikely that we will have a meal that month.
    – La Familia is interested in Sponsoring us, so they may be a good location for a future event. They already will give us 10% for anyone that mentions Dobson Football Booster Club
    – Applebee’s and other consistent sponsors are good ‘after game’ locations for parents to decide to attend, we would like to keep these locations on our Facebook feed to ensure parents are aware of their sponsorship
  • EVS apparel and website update – there were not many orders. Store closed end of June. Orders will be available July 17th. This will need to be communicated. We want to open the store again prior to the beginning of the season. Would like to put up a sign at the camp drop off, and also give out a flyer with the spirit box flyers. Need to get with the Bookstore to ensure they are aware of EVS ordering, and also try to get a poster board in there. Set up a notice on EVS team site to let people know when the store will open again.
  • Football Media Guide – Julie Erickson update. Michelle and Kelly have volunteered to assist.
  • Spirit Boxes – Form needs to be checked – Sarah will follow up. We plan to pass out a flyer to parents at Camp Send Off. We need to get this on Facebook as well.
  • Goodwill – Kelly Stout – third Saturday in October
  • Ho Ho Kam Foundation – Lance Blessing submitted the paperwork on time

6. Other Business

  • Yard Signs – Sarah to follow up with Coach on number needed. Inventory complete:
    8 Mustang signs (2 no stake) – Seniors
    12 Large helmet signs (2 no stake) – Varsity
    56 Large Football signs (6 no stake) – JV
    49 Small football signs (2 no stake) – Freshman
    – Need to set up a date for making additional signs… August 2nd might be a good date
  • Equipment Issue – July 14th through the 18th. Early in the morning – 6 AM. Need volunteers (Michelle, Kelly, Sarah and Theresa can show up early…a few others can help later in the morning). Start with Varsity, JV on the 15th, freshmen on the 16th, left overs on the 17th. Boys must bring in their personal equipment to have it approved.
  • Camp Send Off – 135 kids so farNeed volunteers to show up at 5 AMJuly 20th
    – Theresa and Sarah will donate fruit
    – Kelly will donate doughnuts. 12 dozen
    – Kelly has chalk to draw lines and indicate which last name letters correspond to each line (all the way back)
    – We need tables, need coach to ask for three large tables
  • Family Passes – We would like to provide Mr. Stokes with a family pass for driving equipment up to camp. Michelle to follow up. Used to be $85
  • Team Pictures – We usually show up around 7 AM. August 9th
    – Sarah will gather more information and send out an e-mail
  • Mailbox – Need everyone on executive board to take IDs down to Post Office
  • Sponsor Plaque – Lance purchased plaque board, putting together mock-up for review at August meeting
  • Depth Chart Board – Lance Blessing. Wanted: dry erase depth chart, Players of the Week Offense and Defense and Practice for all 3 Teams. Team goals, Academic goals.
  • Food Handlers Cards – Get them before it is too late.
  • Locker Room Project – Julie Erickson is heading this up. Working on past JV photos. Sarah Young is available to assist.
  • Team Meals – Shernetra has volunteered. Jodi Kelly will assist as her schedule permits. Kelly Stout and Michelle Masters will assist as much as possible as well. We need someone to set up a script, send to Donna on each Mon or Tue before games, so that Team Meal sponsor can be announced during games.
  • Dr. Walker Mouth guard – Need to communicate to parents & players. $20 custom mouth guards.
  • Spirit Boutique Trailer –Kelly sent e-mail to Mr. Stokes. Awaiting a reply, she will follow up w/ him during camp send off if she doesn’t hear back before then.
  1. Old Business:
  • Insurance – Arrow Storage Insurance paid until end of the year. NBCTC insurance due beginning of next year. Sarah will follow up with NBCTC on insurance.
  • Car Wash Debrief:
    – Combining money from all locations is fair, and we should continue to do so
    – Having kids stay in a position that suits their talents (bringing in customers and donations for example) is preferred over rotating everyone
    – We like having Applebee’s location. Title Max is good because it covers the Dobson/Guadalupe corner. We need to relocate the Dairy Queen to a different location… perhaps near the Fiesta Mall. Any suggestions?
  • Golf Tournament: We had 84 golfers
    Needed less muffins (didn’t get eaten) and more doughnuts. We didn’t need the milk or the Hawaiian Punch. 28lbs of pork (before bones removed) was perfect. Had some chicken left over, but not much, could’ve gone with three less chickens. We had too much coleslaw. We had WAY too much pasta salad.
    Registration: Need greeters to direct people. Need a sign that says Registration for the payment table. Give golfers a sheet that has their name on it when they walk in, indicates whether they paid for registration or not. If not paid, need to have a spot for a Board Member to sign off when it is paid. Need to fix package pricing next year. Ball markers need to be first in the line… the whole line should have done different.
    Roamers: Take ice, water, and snacks. Need someone responsible to ride along w/ the beer cart.
    Dixon Hole: Golfers were pressured too much. Too much information. Surprised by presentation during lunch. We received check for $236
    Betting/Sponsor Holes: Need signage to tell golfers where the money goes to, etc.
    Volunteers: Too many didn’t show. Need someone to call no shows after pre-planning meeting the night before
    – Possible sponsor next year Harley Davidson
    – Offer outdoor items (camping gear, coolers, etc.) next year
  1. Coach

9. New Business

  • Storage Shed – Needs a new floor. Lance Blessing will head up, sometime in late fall.
  • Concessions:
    – Have a lead on a refrigerator/freezer (Stella Garibo). Wednesday meeting to check them out
    – Update from Jason Lindsey – They are extremely grateful for all of the work that our Booster Clubs do and have done to help out our students. Thank you for your hard work in trying to “outfit” our new concession stands.  While in the process of securing donations, I think it would be a good idea for you to let me know what your DFBC would like to purchase before any purchases are made.  Also, prior to any items being brought to our campus, we would need the DFBC to list the items to be donated to the school so we can put these items on our inventory list and know what is on our campus.  Terrie Armstrong, principal’s secretary, or I will have the equipment donation forms.
    – Updated construction documents shared on Google Drive – Lance
    – Prep for upcoming season… unlikely to have building in August. We’ll just use easy ups if we don’t have a building.
  • Varsity Football Scrimmage – has been added to schedule Wednesday August 20th at 6 PM. Home game. Concessions – yes… at least water and packaged items.
  • Update By-Laws:
    Want to ensure volunteers are not drinking at our events
    – Need to update the resignation/termination/interim assignment of the Executive Board and its Members section
    – Read over proposed update… Michelle motioned, Lindsey second, approved unanimously
  • June 2014 Financials vote
  • Items in District Storage – Superintended needs to be contacted to see if items can be purchased. ASU also has something similar. Lindsey will send an e-mail and see if they have dry erase boards. Carmen has a contact at the ASU surplus store.


Motion to close the meeting – Michelle motioned, Angela second, unanimous approved 8:13 PM

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