Cost To Play Football

Let’s face it, everything costs more these days and we are all looking for good values. Fortunately for our Dobson Football players and families, we have one of the lowest cost programs in the area! The chart above shows the per-player cost to play football at Dobson and several sample schools that are also Dobson’s competition.

We recently asked Head Coach George De La Torre about the cost to play football and, specifically, the cost for annual camp. “It costs a lot more than people think,” said Coach De La Torre, “to provide bus transportation for all these players, pay for their lodging, at least three meals a day, electricity for the facilities, security guards, janitorial, etc. It all adds up.”

And it all adds up at home as well. Practice equipment, game uniforms, trainer staff, coaches, tape, ice, water, referees – the list goes on from there. Dobson doesn’t have the cheapest football team in town and that’s a good thing. We want decent equipment to keep our kids relatively safe, a solid coaching staff to provide guidance, great trainers to tape weakened ankles, etc. Our players need those things.

Your Dobson Football Booster Club (DFBC) works hard to compliment the fundraising done by the players. We obtain local sponsorships, food and other donations, and support for various fundraising events like the annual Golf Tournament. All of this helps to provide more training, equipment, and other things for the players.

The bottom line is that at about $400, Dobson Football is a good value now and each year it gets a little better.

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