Board Meeting Minutes April 22, 2014

______________________Dobson Football Booster Club_____________________

Board Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2014 at 6:00pm

Lance and Lindsey Blessing’s Home

President: Sarah Young                                                 1st Vice President: Julie Erickson

2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters                        2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout

Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                             Secretary: Theresa R. Blancas

Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                       Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing

Class Rep-Sophomores: Jodi Kelly


Motion to start the meeting:

Motion: Sarah Young

Second: Lindsey Blessing

All in Favor: Yes

Opposed: None

Start time: 6:15pm

Attending: Sarah Young, Lance Blessing, Lindsey Blessing, Michelle Masters, Theresa Blancas, Shernetra Scott, Coach De La Torre. Attending by Proxy: Julie Erickson (Mom’s last night visiting AZ, leaving early tomorrow morning), Kelly Stout (working late).

Theresa Blancas reported for Julie Erickson, who provided information via phone conversation earlier in the day: car wash receipts for reimbursement (Safeway ~$25 – case of paper towels, 2-refill window cleaning), Luv My Bling GO for Showcase Night on 05/15/2014. Julie will attend Golf Meeting tomorrow.

  •      PayPal account: Lance Blessing worked well, $94.83 after fees, etc from Mandatory Mtg, total fees $2.62. – 2.7% per swipe. Michelle Masters tested PayPal as online donation from website and it worked great. $341.38 after $75 start cash subtracted.
  •      Bank Account: Lance Blessing updatesoon below $4K, after cks clear, lately have been clearing.
  •      Car Wash: Lance Blessing — Vickie / Bookstore said bring money in on Monday following car wash. Lindsey Blessing will take deposit cash to Vickie tomorrow. Sarah Young will double check the calculations for the spreadsheet.
  •      Track Concessions: Lindsey Blessing update (key, funds, inventory, volunteers, etc) – still have to buy leftover inventory from track to FB. Need to vote again because $$ was more. $184.42 vs $150-ish. Theresa will put on General meeting agenda.
  •      Concession Stand: Lindsey Blessing update (ice machine, walkie talkies, etc) – email from Dr Perkins forward from Craig Weidel regarding to be sure we have proper equipment on hand for health inspection. Michelle Masters researched new license for hot dogs and found that we must provide proposed menu. Fundraiser Concessions/Kelly — Jimmy & Joe’s and Chick-Fil-A but Jimmy & Joe’s on Visitor’s side served by DFBC, Kelly Stout will send the email form VP Fundraiser account, Lindsey will draft including info and tell ask Kelly to Cc Dr P, Jason Lindsey, general account, President. Research on hot dog machine rotating is ~$80.
  •      Locker Room Project: Theresa Blancas – When can we put up our stuff in the locker rooms? Are there any work orders for summer scheduled for the Varsity & JV locker rooms that might prevent us from doing so immediately after Track season? Lindsey will ask Jason Lindsey. Track is now over.
  •        Boutique Trailer: Kelly Stout – Kelly told Lance that they aired up the tires and asked about new tires. She will follow up regarding estimate for tires but cannot do anything yet. Tyler and Jessica Stokes are our contact. Theresa will send an email to Tyler Stokes to obtain confirmation via email that we have an agreement through 2014 Football Season to use the Trailer. Kelly will speak with Jessica regarding tires/maintenance responsibilities.
  •        Luv My Bling: Julie Erickson update regarding in-store fundraiser, Mandatory Meeting 04/15/2014, Spring Showcase, Varsity game 09/12/2014 – per phone conversation with Theresa, Luv My Bling is a GO for Showcase Night on 05/15/2014.
  •        Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting 04/15/2014: — debrief
  • Boutique Trailer: Kelly Stout update – see above.
  • Luv My Bling: Julie Erickson raffle item update Lindsey said winners of bracelet loved it. Talked up the company.
  • Apparel Inventory: Michelle Masters update — $370-ish worth, 9 of new shirts, lots of black men’s dri-fit. Bookstore – put a couple of shirts there? Mustang Days (Orientation) – sell apparel? Fundraising will have to do Student Council request paperwork.
  • EVS website: Michelle Masters / Kelly Stout update see above.
  • Packet: Theresa Blancas update –
    • 64 Volunteer forms returned (green) – not yet entered.
    • 78 Family Profiles returned (tan) – not yet entered.

Business Card Magnets: Sarah Young update – everyone take a stack of magnets and w/o magnets.

  • Apparel for Board: Michelle Masters / Kelly Stout update – done.
  • DFBC Brochures: Michelle Masters update – done.
  •        Mailbox: Lance Blessing update; Michelle Masters update regarding additional Sponsorship – no update from Lance Blessing or Michelle Masters.
  •        Team Meals: Sarah Young update on email account; Kelly Stout update regarding photo for Burrito Express – new coordinators – Jodi Kelly & Shernetra Scott.
  •        Trade Name: Lance Blessing update – waiting on new address.
  •        501(c)3: Michelle Masters update – waiting on budget, transaction stuff. Sarah Young sent last week. Michelle Masters hasn’t yet seen it.
  •        HoHoKam Foundation: Theresa Blancas update – will call Mark Meldrum next week.
  •        New Business

○        Lance – move DFBC banners towards stop lights. Lance & Theresa will move.

○        STEP UP NIGHT – where were we? Lance’s neighbor found us in back corner, provided contact info, but have not received anything. Lindsey will forward the information the general account.

○        Missing Banners – Theresa Blancas update – done per Michelle Masters.

○        Freshmen Rep – update Shernetra Scott is joining our Board. Per Bylaws, nominate/vote in May, installed in June.

○        Goodwill Fundraiser email – Sarah Young read email from Goodwill, Michelle Masters will research. See below, Coach’s info.

  • WEBSITE: 5 features – sports physical, golf, Bruce Arians, mandatory mtg, 7-on-7 — swap out for spring ball, board member pix.
  •         New
  • Coach – get mailbox at DHS for DFBC – request from Donna. Vendors stuff, other stuff that folks leave w/Donna that she gives to Coach. Theresa will ask Donna.
  • Get together with Sarah Young regarding sharing Football Club’s budget – Coach will send email to share into. Sarah Y is ok with email.
  • Blue/Silver Game – instead of can of food drive do Goodwill donation – average 10 lbs per kid. It is Friday 08/15/2014 or do at Showcase 05/15/2014. Michelle Masters will research.
  • April 28 – Freshmen spring football clinic starts. Theresa will send email regarding come to DHS Bookstore for apparel $15 pocket, $10 non-pocket, any white tshirt + BUS from Summit to RJHS but need ride home after. Michelle Masters will sell at RJHS, has table and truck. Will take extra shorts.
  • Coach needs help with cookie dough delivery 05/13/2014. Same night as our general meeting. Set up 3pm, pick up 3:30pm, frozen in dry ice. They will have it available for pickup until 6p. Mtg 6:30pm. Coach will be outside with Spring Football.
  • ·         Showcase Night – Sarah Young to speak, intros, Concessions & Apparel.
  • ·         MPS EIN can NOT be used for Golf Tourney but CAN be used for other things because of the alcohol.
  • ·        Coach will need help re equipment July 14-18.
  • ·         Planning on Camp registration day 07/20/2014 for bagels, juice, fruit, tables.
  • ·        Coach says Mr Stokes to drive again unless we know of anyone else who has a 15’-20’ enclosed trailer. Coach pays them gas & Family Pass.
  • ·         Helmet trophies – Coach recommends keeping battle scars, clean up Sunvalco markings. Also, cut on angle so that full facemask is on. Lance says tough part is securing them to the plaque, sticks out far, less it weighs the better.
  • ·     Theresa – Maybe Julie can use a helmet without a facemask to make planter or something else for Donna.
  • ·         For Lance – dry erase depth chart, magnetic strips, for Players of the Week Offense and Defense and Practice for all 3 Teams. Team goals, Academic goals. Motivational Boards.
  • Lindsey – we may need to vote via email for Concession Stand spending for purchase of TRack inventory.
  • Theresa will email Coach the Golf Tournament brochure.
  • Michelle will research “BOOSTER PASSES” or “FAMILY PASS”.
  • Michelle Masters asked about NBCTC tutorials. They said Fall up and running.

Motion to close the meeting.

Motion: Lance Blessing

Second:Michelle Masters

All in Favor: Yes

Opposed: None

Close: 8:36p

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