Passing League (7 on 7) Games Coming In June!

The 2014 Passing League (7 on 7) games are coming this June.

Dates and locations will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.


What is Passing 7 on 7?

“Passing League”, also known as “Passing 7 on 7” or “7 on 7” games are no-contact events that focus on Offense skills of passing and catching. Organized by schools and coaches, the mission is to provide structure for players to develop their skills and opportunities for friendly competition in the off-season.

Each team puts 7 players on the field, which is typically no more than 40 yards long for each “game”. Players participate in numerous games each night and each “game” is very short.

Who attends Passing 7 on 7 games?

Only some of the JV and Varsity players will be asked to participate due to the nature of the games. Offensive and Defensive Linemen are usually not included in these events, although some Passing Leagues include event such as Linemen’s Challenge. Coach De La Torre (Varsity) and Coach Wells (JV) will provide each player with their invitation to participate. For those who participate, bus transportation is provided to and from the events.

Can Family and Friends attend?

Absolutely! Family and Friends are welcome to attend these events and there is generally no cost to watch these events. Experiences parents shared these tips:

  • Bring lawn chairs and wear sun screen. These games are typically played on the practice fields at local high schools, so there is no stadium seating and fans are often in the sun.
  • Don’t block the view of other fans if you choose to bring sports umbrellas or pop-up shade tents. They other family wants to see their player as much as you want to see yours.
  • Bring water and snacks. It is uncommon for the hosting school to provide Concessions during these events. Be sure to take your trash with you or put it in the proper place. We want to be invited back next year.
  • Don’t forget your camera! Because this is no-contact, players participate without helmets & pads. This makes for great action-photo opportunities.
  • Bring your patience. These are informal events and many schools participate at the same time and on the same fields. Because of this, it may take time to find your player’s team. Once you find the team, be prepared for them to move to another quadrant of the field.  Teams will rotate in and out of game play throughout the event.

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