Board Meeting Minutes February 25, 2014


Board Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2014 at 6:00pm

Lance and Lindsey Blessing’s Home

President: Sarah Young                                                 1st Vice President: Julie Erickson

2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters                        2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout

Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                             Secretary: Theresa R. Blancas

Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                       Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing

Class Rep-Sophomores: Jodi Kelly

Meeting Attendees:

Sarah Young, Julie Erickson, Michelle Masters, Lance Blessing, Theresa Blancas, Lindsey Blessing, Kelly Stout, Coach George De La Torre (via conference call).

Call to order:

Sarah Young called meeting to order for the Dobson Football Booster Club Board at 6:14pm on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

Motion to start the meeting: Julie Erickson

Seconded: Kelly Stout

All in Favor: Yes

Opposed: None

WEBSITE – EMERGENCY VOTE: Sarah Young informed us that our website,, is currently down for nonpayment due to our mistaken belief that the we had paid for two (2) years. She requests an emergency email vote be sent out for approval of payment: $240.00, which is a renewal at the same level. Theresa Blancas will send out an emergency vote email.

Michelle Masters reminded us that we can post videos to our YouTube account at no cost.

Sarah Young said we need to pay via PayPal, which is currently linked to our old checking account. Lance Blessing will update our PayPal account then make the payment.

GOLF TOURNAMENT: Lindsey Blessing said we we received a paper copy of a document from Donna Koch regarding the Golf Tournament for 2014 and DFBC also received a copy. She recalls that it was the approval for the tournament itself.

CAR WASH:Lance Blessing says he needed Coach’s meeting minutes for the Car Wash paperwork, not DFBC’s. He will contact Coach to obtain them. Michelle Masters inquired how soon can current 8th graders/Freshmen next year can participate in fundraisers.

COACH: Lindsey Blessing called Coach De La Torre. She spoke with him for a few minutes one-on-one then put him on speakerphone.

Regarding Michelle Masters question about how soon can current 8th graders/Freshmen next year can participate in fundraisers Coach said they can participate in any fundraisers except NOT through Dobson High School. An outside source is also ok because they are not in the DHS Bookstore accounting system yet.

Current 8th graders will NOT be included in car washes until June, at which point they should be in the DHS Bookstore accounting system.

Coach is meeting Friday 02/28/2014 with Players only at Summit. He will check tomorrow which version of handouts he provided at Rhodes for their Players only meeting. He will contact Michelle Masters and let her know.

Coach asked we HOLD the Glazier payment because he believes if we wait thirty (30) days we can get two (2) months for free. Lance Blessing will appropriately follow up.

Coach’s Conference Call ended.

Tricky Camps: approved 8 kids, but we need to confirm with Coach regarding final Player count and confirm whether there is a Track conflict. Lance Blessingwill follow up with Coach regarding the Tricky Camps.

ASU Camp: Kelly Stout and John Stout are donating registration for Linemen so DFBC will only pay for others for 7-on-7 portion of Camp.

Track Concessions:

Coach asked for list for buying for track concessions, which will be provided by Lindsey Blessing. She will also obtain the Concession Stand key from Coach.

Michelle Masters reminded Lindsey that we have Concession Stand inventory lists from the past to which she may refer.

Lindsey Blessing reminded us that Coach is using a $250.00 PO at Costco.

Lance Blessing reminded all that he would do a bank run for the cash box. One side for Concessions only: home side only. Lance will give the cash box to Lindsey.

Kelly Stout asked whether there were any leftover items from the Concession Stand from Soccer sales. Soccer did not have leftovers.

Kelly Stout and John Stout will purchase Dilly Bars for and Popsicles for and will donate them to DFBC for Concession Stand sales, with proceeds going to DFBC.

Lindsey Blessing said they bought AirHeads on sale for donation to the Concession Stand. They found them at Albertson’s on clearance if anyone else wants to do same.

Concession Stand schedule:

March 3 – Monday for FLAG FOOTBALL, proceeds to DFBC. Michelle Masters and Kelly Stout will go to Costco for the appropriate purchases along with Lance Blessing, to use his DFBC Credit Card. Kelly Stout will get Restaurant Depot card this weekend. Setup 4:15pm. Event is scheduled for 5p-8p


Lindsey Blessing

Michelle Masters

Kelly Stout – 5p

Sarah Young – 6p

Theresa Blancas – TBD (regarding health)

Julie Erickson – TBD (regarding work and health)

March 5 – Wednesday – for TRACK, proceeds to the DHS Track Club. Setup 3pm. Event scheduled for 3:45p-6:30p.


Lindsey Blessing

Michelle Masters

Lance Blessing – 4p

Kelly Stout – 5p

Theresa Blancas – TBD (regarding health)

Julie Erickson – TBD (regarding work and health)

March 12 – Wednesday – for TRACK, proceeds to the DHS Track Club. Setup 3pm. Event scheduled for 3:45p-6:30p.

Volunteers TBD.

April 9 – Wednesday – for TRACK, proceeds to the DHS Track Club. Setup 3pm. Event scheduled for 3:45p-6:30p.

Volunteers TBD.

January 2014 Meeting Minutes: Michelle Masters requested an email vote for January 2014 Meeting Minutes approval since they were not voted on during the February 2014 General Meeting. Theresa Blancas will email.

Stadium Chair: Michelle Masters said the student store lady said there are no stadium chairs in their store, that they were moved to the Bookstore. Theresa Blancas reported that they were always in the Bookstore and that Vicki/Bookstore last reported eight (8) chairs in stock. Kelly Stout said she asked and was told there were none. Michelle and Kelly want to collect any stock in order that it be convenient for us to sell.

Locker Room Project:Theresa Blancas has follow up for “awnings”, mat runners, and chairs that were discussed last spring. It was reported that Jodi Kelly has a Lowe’s connection, if it helps.

Boutique Trailer: Sarah Meraz gave contact information for Boutique Trailer to Michelle Masters and Kelly Stout. Kelly Stout will handle trailer & agreement, etc.

Luv My Bling: Julie Erickson reports the following~

Tammy/Luv My Bling has a screen printing connection.

Julie and Tammy discussed an in-store fundraiser connected to a local restaurant, near their store’s new location, but not Chompie’s because they will not participate. Jason’s Deli or Which Wich are nearby. Tammy will contact BJ’s or Majerle’s to see if they are interested. Julie Erickson will follow up.

The Board discussed possible dates as 08/13/2014 & 08/20/2014, both  Wednesdays, from 6p-8p.

Tammy did not seem excited to be on-site for our Spring Showcase. Julie Erickson will follow up regarding them being on-site at both our Spring Showcase and our home game on 09/12/2014.

Julie Erickson will see if Tammy would be interested in being at our 04/15/2014 Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting.

Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting:

Tuesday, 04/15/2014

We’ll need need money for apparel inventory. Lance Blessing will bring shirts to the house & we can do inventory there.

Michelle Masters said East Valley Sports website could be up and running for a limited time around the Mandatory Parent/Player Meeting with some new apparel items available on the site. Michelle suggests 04/13/2014 open, include fliers at the Mandatory Meeting, then CLOSE it 05/31/2014 so it is open through our Spring Showcase date.

Theresa Blancas will get a FULL list of documents/forms for the Packets from Coach, figure out which ones we have now, and get the appropriate ones from Coach. Once complete we will also need to have them posted on our Website.

Business cards with magnets with our Contact Info and Meeting Dates. Sarah Young reports that we can upload an image. She will verify whether there are any meeting dates that may need to be moved due to holidays prior to printing.

Michelle Masters said she never received a packing list for Camp last year. They were provided but not at the Mandatory Meeting. She requests we be sure the packing list is made available to all.

Apparel for Board done by East Valley Sports with “BOARD MEMBER” embroidered on a shirt. Michelle Masters and Kelly Stout asked about availability and were told no problem.

It was decided they be mandatory for Board Members with costs paid for by each Board Member.

It was suggested we encourage Parents to bring a case of water to the Mandatory Meeting by stating that if they bring one they would receive five (5) raffle tickets with a chance to win football shorts (Kelly Stout donated), maybe shorts/tshirts for boys, beads with Starbucks, etc. Julie Erickson will check to see if Luv My Bling would like to donate a raffle item.

We will also ask existing for the return of Team Yard Signs.

We will need to park a truck(s) by Auditorium to collect water and Yard Signs.

Please bring Clipboards with your name on them so they can easily be returned.

Kelly Stout will check whether we might have access to the Boutique Trailer to see our apparel inventory.

Our goal is to have our DFBC Brochures available. Michelle Masterssent email with file for general vote. (Theresa Blancas — general vote or just Board vote/decision?)

Treasurer: Lance Blessing purchased Quickbooks software and continues to become familiar with it.


Mailbox: As reported by Lance Blessing~

Our address will change.

New Manager will allow us to have the same size mailbox for free with an ad in our Fall Program PLUS will pay for additional advertising. Michelle Masters will follow up.

Team Meals: Nicole Masson told Sarah Young that she already forwarded all information to DFBC Team Meals account from her personal Gmail account, which she used last year as Team Meals Coordinator.

Nicole Masson also said we owe a 20×30 photo of Varsity 2013 Team for Burrito Express, as part of their agreement from 2013. Kelly Stout will go to Costco and blow up the photo and deliver it. She will find out the correct size and will handle it. Kelly will follow up once the task has been completed.

Trade Name: Lance Blessing reports that it expires tomorrow but we need our new address. In order to avoid additional costs, Lance will wait for new address then update our trade name.

501(c)3:Michelle Masters will resubmit our IRS documents using our new EIN. No new vote is necessary as long as the cost remains the same. It was decided to reissue the check from the DFBC new bank account.

Lance Blessing will close the old account now and move any leftover monies to the new account. The Board decided not to stop payment on the old IRS check. Current total in DFBC old bank account is $3,260.87, which Lance will close and transfer to our new bank account.

Michelle Masters and Kelly Stout report that the IRS said we have difficult because we have two (2) EINs. We have to consolidate the info. Mark Erickson gave the information to Michelle Masters to handle. He’s deep in tax season as a CPA. The Board decided to continue with “80-“ = most recent EIN. We will be resubmitting the same info with a few changes, like contact info changed from Mark Erickson to our DFBC general address plus financial updates. Our new DFBC contact information will be primary, then the school’s contact information will be secondary. It was decided to use Michelle Masters phone number. Michelle will update and rescan to DFBC + Bylaws as approved by any Board Member per IRS contact.

HoHoKam Foundation:Theresa Blancas will follow up with Mark Meldrum regarding the forms and deadlines for 2014 grants.

Julie Erickson reminded us how important it is to continue to be transparent. The Board agreed.

Motion to Close the Meeting: Julie Erickson

Second: Kelly Stout

All in Favor: Yes

Opposed: None

Meeting closed at 8:29pm

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