Booster Club General Meeting Minutes February 11, 2013

[Final version approved by members 3-11-14]

General Meeting Minutes 02-11-2014
Location: Dobson High School, Coach’s Classroom

In Attendance: Marissa Smith; Sarah Young, Lindsay Blessing, Lance Blessing, Michelle Masters; Kelly Stout; Dawn Masterson, Michelle Outie, Julie Erickson, Mark Erickson, Shemetra Scott, Wesley Young

Attendance by Proxy: Theresa Blancas, Jana Leinweber

Discussions/Action Items:

  1. Call to order at 6:35pm Marissa Smith motioned to start the meeting; Julie Erickson seconded the motion. All in favor; none opposed.
  2. Housekeeping Items
    1. New attendees recognized and voting privilege policy reviewed –  voting rights are given after two (2) consecutive meetings
    2. Meeting schedule reminder – Monthly meetings now the 2nd Tuesdays of each month
    3. Last month’s meeting minutes and financials handed out for review
  3. Outstanding Business
    1. Merchant (debit/credit) Services account & system:
      1. Sarah Young gave responsibility to Lance Blessing for this
      2. Sarah indicated the bank wants an individual’s SSN for tax & liability reasons. Mark mentioned 1099K
      3. Lance Blessing will follow up after IRS letter of determination is received. The hope is that an individual’s SSN will not be required. Action not expected this month.
    2. IRS Exempt Organization “EO” status – aka 501(c)3 status
      1. Mark Erikson indicated the IRS is still processing our form 1023; He restated the form has been in the hands of the IRS for some time.
      2. The check for the $850 fee is still uncashed; this was drawn on “old” 2013 account and questions were raised as to if we can stop pay this check and reissue from the 2014 account. Mark indicated that the IRS has the check but it won’t be cashed until they approved our form 1023 request. Mark advised to not cancel the current check that was issued.
      3. Michelle Masters reported that she called the IRS EO team; they stated that they have never received our form and that they would not be holding our check; the IRS indicates that they make note of the form being received and deposit our check immediately upon receipt. After that they ask questions, finalize the form. This appears to be in direct conflict with info Mark has been providing since October.
      4. Michelle suggested that she, Mark, and Kelly Stout meet after tonight’s meeting to discuss the differences in what the IRS is telling us and address challenges Mark is facing. Mark Erickson agreed to provide additional details to Michelle and Kelly after the meeting.  Post-meeting Note: Mark did not stay to discuss this with Kelly and Michelle; Kelly Stout and Michelle Masters will follow up this week.
    3. Football Team Financials (from DHS/Coach De La Torre) were not discussed. Theresa Blancas will add this topic to next month’s meeting.
    4. Bylaws – Theresa Blancas is in the process of reviewing and making recommendations of changes in Bylaws to be consistent with description of Executive Board versus Full Board.
      1. In Theresa’s absence, Michelle Masters gave an update on Bylaws changes. Belief is that Theresa completed this task; it may have been carried to agenda in error.
        1. Changes to delineating Executive Board positions were approved and posted to the website as noted in 5/6/13 meeting.
        2. Update to add the Conflict of Interest Policy was approved in the 8/12/13 meeting. That verbiage was later provided in electronic form and added to the website on 10/16/13.
    5. National Booster Club Training Council (NBCTC) status:
      1. DFBC still working to obtain insurance through NBCTC.
      2. Sarah Young reported that Theresa Blancas is tasked with completing the insurance application. No target completion date was set.
      3. Currently DFBC pays $9 for insurance on property stored at Arrow storage. Through NBCTC associations, we expect Arrow can be listed as an Additional Insured, which will eliminate the need for the $9/month fee with Arrow.
    6. QuickBooks for accounting needs
      1. Lance Blessing shared that Costco is offering a discount on this purchase. It expires 2/23/14.
      2. Michelle Masters motioned to purchase Quickbooks Pro for no more than $150; Lindsey Blessing seconded the motion. All in favor; none opposed.
    7. Yard Signs – need to set up another collection date.
      1. Team agreed to a communication asking the signs to be dropped off at the upcoming 4/17 mandatory football parent meeting. Theresa Blancas will be asked to post this communication on Facebook & Twitter. Michelle Masters will update the website with this communication.
    8. Locker Room Updates
      1. In Theresa Blancas’ absence, Sarah Young reported that Theresa is still researching awnings/chairs/runners.
      2. George De La Torre requested that DFBC investigate creating small team pictures for the JV locker room (similar to the large ones done in 2013 for the Varsity locker room). Theresa Blancas will be asked to do this.
    9. Concession Stand Updates
      1. No one  was aware of any follow done regarding rumors that the district may be funding 2014 updates to the concession stand facilities.  Kelly Stout will check into this by 2/14/14 and report back at next Board meeting
      2. Lindsey Blessing shared that a replacement is needed for the freezer in the Visitors Concessions building.  Jody Kelly will submit a request for donation to Lowes.
      3. Kelly Stout has chip clip donation available pending approval to make concession stand updates.
      4. Kelly Stout received and is storing microwave donation for the Visitors concession stand pending such time as we can stock the stand.
  4. Fundraising Activities
    1. 2014 Fundraising Kickoff meeting held 2/5/2014.
      1. Michelle Masters provided recap of the meeting. Minutes are on the website.
      2. Kelly Stout & Michelle Masters will schedule at least 2x monthly meetings
    2. Luv My Bling (Loop101 & Frye – in Target Center adjacent to Chandler Mall)
      1. No change from 2/5 fundraising meeting.
      2. Julie Erickson will inquire with restaurants near Luv My Bling about a fundraising evening. Luv My Bling shares a building with Jason’s Deli; Julie will check with them first.
    3. Fan Apparel
      1. Extra Innings (Ron who was previously with East Valley Sports) sent estimates that were too high for our needs.
      2. Kelly Stout & Lindsey Blessing have found some other vendors. Michelle Masters has engaged Dennis at East Valley Sports (EVS).
      3. Michelle Masters will schedule meeting for her, Kelly, & Lindsey to meet with EVS next week to look at products and firm up EVS’s pricing to DFBC.
    4. Stadium Chairs
      1. Kelly Stout reported that the ongoing challenge with getting an inventory count appears to be because the school split our inventory between the Book store and Spirit store. Everything was moved back to the bookstore. Kelly did not have a count; Theresa Blancas should follow up and get the current count. Also arrange to have them all picked up.
      2. Fundraising team would like to sell these from the Spirit booth at the Flag Championship and/or Spring Showcase events. Estimated cost to DFBC is $35 per chair.
    5. Graduation Water Sales
      1. Sarah Young reported that we received approval from DHS for this fundraiser.
      2. Kelly Stout requested that we request water donations on all communications; grocery stores are telling us they cannot donate water without an IRS Letter of Determination (Exempt Org status)
    6. Carnival Spring 2015
      1. On agenda for next large group Fundraising meeting… tentative for 3/5
    7. Golf Tournament
      1. Targeting June 14th at Kokopelli Golf Course (see Fundraising minutes for details about possible events at Dobson Golf Course in Fall 2014 & Spring 2015)
      2. Outside food will be allowed. There is the potential for beer sales coordinated by Kokopelli. Michelle Masters should have those details from Kokopelli this week.
      3. Kokopelli requires a $250 deposit to secure the date.
      4. Julie Erickson motioned to pay $250 deposit to Kokopelli for Golf Tournament in June. Lance Blessing seconded the motion. All in favor; none opposed. Motion passed.
      5. Lance Blessing will issue $250 check to Kokopelli this evening.
      6. Michelle Masters will complete and submit DHS request form this week.
    8. Scoreboard advertisingKelly Stout & Michelle Masters will discuss with Ray Perkins.
    9. Kohl’s Cares Sponsorship Program
      1. Sarah Young sent URL to VP Fundraising mailbox.
      2. Kelly Stout or Michelle Masters will coordinate submission of this and several other sponsor requests once IRS Letter of Determination (for EO status)
    10. Sponsor Price List
      1. Updated list was not available. Michelle Masters requested that agendas be emailed 3 days in advance of the meeting so that everyone can be prepared.
      2. Michelle Masters will obtain email addresses of qualified Voters and submit the pricelist via email for an electronic vote by 2/21. Once approved, it will be posted on our website. After the meeting: Sarah Young confirmed a vote is not necessary, but we will review at next Board meeting.
      3. Lance Blessing will ensure that PayPal is linked to the 2014 DFBC checking account and partner with Michelle to establish PayPal links we can use for an online sponsorship/donation page. Michelle Masters will build the Sponsor/Donor web page in March, assuming price list is approved and PayPal links can be established.
    11. Car Washes
      1. Fundraising committee agreed to events in April, May, and June as follows:
        1. To take place on the 3rd Saturdays of each month
        2. 3 locations, each location will host one team (Freshman/JV/Varsity) on the same day.  Michelle Masters is working on these locations:
          1. Arby’s @ Alma School & Guadalupe – Confirmed
          2. AutoZone @ Dobson & Guadalupe – Left message
          3. Chevron @ Alma School & Baseline – Left message
      2. Michelle Masters will check w/De La Torre about incoming Freshman (current 8th grade students) being included in April. They may not be able to participate until May or June do to District rules.
      3. Jody Kelly will ask Lowes to donate six 50’ hoses. Other supplies may be needed. Lance Blessing will check inventory at Arrow Storage by 2/28.
  5. Old business
    1. County Health Dept notice received regarding hamburger patties stored in Concession freezer & Grill stored improperly. District stated that all food making is ceased immediately. Applies to everyone. Concessions team make note of this.
    2. Step Up Nights – These were a success. DFBC gathered contact info on many potential new members. Theresa Blancas is updating the general contact list.
    3. Parent Partnership meeting – This is an annual meeting to review the rules for parent partnership organizations, like DFBC. Theresa Blancas will provide all material to Lance Blessing. Lance Blessing will copy all materials and post on Google drive for all members to view.  Concessions & Team Meal teams – Be sure to review the new food rules from the FDA effective 07/01/2014.
    4. DFBC Mailbox – Lance Blessing reported that the current owner of our mailbox office may have found a new owner. If the purchase is completed, no change is needed for us. If the purchase falls through, that office will close and we need to secure a new mailbox. Lance Blessing will continue to monitor this.
    5. Trade Name – Lance Blessing reported that our Trade Name was filed years ago with the Secretary of State in 2009 by Linda Sachs. To change the assignee name requires Linda’s signature. Theresa Blancas and Sarah Young advised last month that finding Linda will be challenging and advised to let the TN expire then re-register with current contact information. It was also noted that registration of a Trade Name and/or a Trademark is not legally required in Arizona. However, Lance Blessing will follow up on this after the current registration expires on 2/26/14.
  6. New Business
    1. Annual Budget – Bylaws require annual budget. Sarah Young will coordinate with assistance from the Board. Funding needs come largely from DHS Football. George De La Torre will need to provide the full 2014 list of funding needs. Lance Blessing has already been pulling reports for Concessions, Merchandise, etc.
    2. Marketing Budget – Proposal for annual marketing budget to include business cards, pens, shirts for Board Members. Sarah Young provided a breakdown on shirts using the ExtraInnings quote.
      1. Attendees agreed that this should be part of the Annual Budget and did not want to on shirt purchases this month. Offline discussions included that Board Members should be asked to pay for their own shirts at cost. Michelle Masters and Kelly Stout will work with vendors to obtain a better price.
      2. Sarah Young will investigate the purchase of general business cards with 2014 meeting dates printed on the back. Hopefully people will carry this in their wallets for reference. These would replace the refrigerator magnets that were popular with members last year. Sarah may purchase these without Board approval as the cost will be under $20.
    3. Fall Sports Program – We want to get these done early this year. George De La Torre indicated that team photos can’t be done early due to needing to finalize the teams. Everything else can be done earlier. Theresa Blancas would like to co-coordinate and has offered to ask if Adrian Trice is interested in participating.
    4. Team Meals Coordinators – This requires immediate attention. Fundraising team will ask for volunteers at next meeting or Theresa Blancas should send email request to all contracts.
  7. Coach’s Corner – George De La Torre
    1. Free physicals – Date TBD; usually April. More info will be forthcoming.
    2. Spring Football – Michelle Masters include in Parent Newsletter
      1. Freshmen will start 4/28/14. George asked Michelle Masters to check with Coach Tannenbaum about the end date.
      2. JV and Varsity will be 5/5/14 to 5/14/14.
      3. Spring Showcase (JV & Varsity only) will be on 5/15/14, 6:30pm-8pm. Kelly Stout will submit the DHS request form by 2/21/14. Michelle Masters & Lance Blessing still need to get time with Perkins to discuss the split of concession proceeds.
    3. Camp of Champions will be in Snowflake AZ from 7/20/14 to 7/25/14
    4. Financial Priorities from the coach Assumption is that funding requests will not be on the agenda until after the proper request form is submitted to DFBC
      1. Agape Productions Game Filming. “Like last year, our school club will pay for the JV and Freshmen.”. Theresa Blancas’s notes indicate no request form was submitted. Team asks that Theresa Blancas ensure the form is submitted and then add this topic to next month’s meeting agenda.
      2. Hudl license –DFBC’s funds are low and current license doesn’t expire till 11/17/14. Attendees postponed this vote. Theresa Blancas add to next month’s agenda.
      3. Summer tournaments – $550 DFBC expense. Attendees postponed votes on all of these until next month. Theresa Blancas add to next month’s agenda.
        1. Westwood High School for JV & Frosh — est $250 total ($125 per team)
        2. ASU fat man’s challenge for Varsity — $300. Lance Blessing asked if there were grants that the school can request for this.
        3. Varsity 7 on 7 – free of charge (Chandler jamboree, Tempe, Shadow Mtn)
    5. Player development
      1. Jeff Tricky Camp – $800 DFBC expense. Occurs in March At Pinnacle HS. Planning to send 4 QBs and 4 WRs = 8 players. Cost is approx $200 each; DFBC pays 50% ($800 total) and each player pays half his fee ($100 per player).
        1. Lindsey Blessing motioned to pay $800 for this camp; Jodi Kelly seconded the motion; all in favor; none opposed. Motion passed. Lance Blessing will issue $800 check for Jeff Tricky Camp fee.
      2. AZ FB Coach’s Association. $400 DFBC expense. Due in April. Annual fee is $100 per coach up to a max of $400 (when >4 coaches). Attendees postponed a vote on this till next month. Theresa Blancas add this topic to next month’s agenda.
      3. Coaches’ game shirts (approximately 17 coaches). Attendees postponed a vote on this till next month after new shirt pricing is received. Kelly Stout & Michelle Masters will look specifically for coaches’ polos when getting prices. Theresa Blancas add this topic to next month’s agenda.
  1. Glazier Clinics $369 DFBC expense. This is for coach’s education, access to nationwide clinics, internet classes, etc.
        1. Julie Erickson motioned to pay $369 for this camp; Marissa Smith seconded the motion; all in favor; none opposed. Motion passed. Lance Blessing will issue $369 check for Glazier Clinics fee.
    1. Coach Fundraisers for Spring
      1. Liftathon – Coach handles thru bookstore (100%)
      2. Cookie dough – Ordered in April, delivered just before camp (50% to players)
      3. Discount Cards – TBD
      4. Subway cards $10 – Summer  (80% to players
    1. Track Concessions – George De La Torre asked if any DFBC members would be willing to volunteer to help the track team sell concessions. Michelle Masters sent George a list of DFBC volunteers who also happen to be Track parents. George De La Torre will need to purchase the merchandise (e.g. get School issued Purchase Order) and submit the proper forms to the school. DFBC cannot do this do this.
    2. Flag Football Championship 3/3/14 5pm-8:30pm @ Dobson (7th & 8th Grades)
      1. Dawn Masterson emailed Rose about Soccer Inventory and asked her to email our Fundraising account with what they have left over. Rose replied that they have no inventory.
      2. DFBC will need to purchase merchandise. We are estimating $250 needed for this. Michelle Masters motioned for approval of $250 to be spent toward concession merchandise; Lindsey Blessing seconded the motion; all in favor; none opposed; motion passed.
        1. Lance Blessing, Lindsey Blessing, Kelly Stout and Michelle Masters will coordinate purchases and staff the concession stands.  Lance Blessing has DFBC debit card for use to buy goods.
        2. Kelly Stout will submit the DHS request form by 2/21/14. Michelle Masters & Lance Blessing still need to get time with Perkins to discuss the split of concession proceeds.
    3. Approvals for prior Minutes and Financials
      1. January 13 Minutes – Attendees did not have sufficient time to review. Requested Theresa Blancas email the team next week for an electronic vote.
      2. January 28 Minutes
      3. January Financials – Sarah Young motioned to approve the January Financials; Marissa Smith seconded; all in favor; none opposed. Motion passed.
    4. Motion to Close Meeting @ 8:22pm Kelly Stout motioned to close the meeting, Marissa Smith seconded the motion. All in favor; none opposed.

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