Fundraising Meeting Minutes 2014-02-05

Meeting Minutes 2-5-14

Action item assignments are noted in Red below.

In Attendance:

Kelly Stout, Michelle Masers, Julie Erickson, Gilbert Bracamonte, Susana Bracamonte, Lance Blessing, Lindsey Blessing, Tricia Hill, Shernetra Scott, Wesley Young

Discussions & Action Items:

  • Reviewed 2014 potential team expenses that fundraising benefits. Examples:  Huddle license, Summer tournaments, Player development clinics, AZ Coaches Association fee, Coaches’ game-day shirts, game/training equipment, locker room upgrades, concession stand upgrades, etc.
  • Discussed 2014 fundraising activities that Coach De La Torre is coordinating – Subway cards, Cookie dough sales, Lift-A-Thon, player’s letter writing to family/friends
  • Reviewed DHS approval process (applicable for all fundraisers)
    • DHS has a request form that we need to complete and submit for each fundraising event
      • Form is in Donna’s office
      • Lance Blessing will obtain a copy, scan it, post it on his DFBC Google Drive, and share with the DFBC Board by 2/14/14.
      • Student Council reviews all requests to avoid conflicts (e.g. ensure that different groups are not hosting similar fundraisers at the same time; avoid overloading the community)
      • Student Council approval must be given to move forward. Requests cannot be submitted more than 6 months in advance of the event. Response time to requests is not known. Assume 2-4 weeks for now. Once approved, date changes can usually be made with a simple phone call
  • Reviewed Concession Stand use
    • Each year a contract must be signed with Dr. Ray Perkins, DHS Athletic Director
    • Prior year contracts agreed to a 50/50 split in all concession proceeds
      • DFBC keeps 50% for supporting DHS Football
      • DHS keeps 50% for supporting DHS Athletics (all sports?)
    • Discussed negotiating w/Perkins… ask for either a greater % to DFBC or for a portion of the DHS funds to be directed specifically to DHS Football. Michelle Masters & Lance Blessing will schedule meeting on this before end of March.
  • Identified DFBC 2014 fundraising activities we’d like to pursue
    • 3 Carwashes – April, May & June
      • All teams participate on the same day- 3 locations, one for each team
      • Lance Blessing will submit the DHS Request form when he obtains a copy. Submit by 2/14/14. Target 3rd Saturday of each month – April, May & June, as preferred dates.
      • Michelle Masters will contact Arby’s (Alma & Guad), AutoZone (Dobson & Guad) and Chevron (Alma & Baseline) with planned dates. Complete by 2/14/14.
      • Need 12 hoses – Michelle Masters will submit donation request to Home Depot. Submit by 2/14/14.
  • Golf Tournament – early June
    • Dobson or Kokopelli? Other courses? No others recommended
    • Michelle Masters will contact Dobson to see what they offer and also Kokopelli to confirm deposit amount and tournament date of 6/14. Complete by 2/7/14.
    • Michelle Masters will complete the DHS Request form when Lance obtains a copy. June 14th is the date the Coaches prefer and communicated to Sarah Meraz. Submit by 2/14/14.
    • Need to schedule planning meetings (every other week for now, then weekly)
  • Concessions @ Home games
    • Pre-season – target to open Concessions for Spring Showcase on 5/15. Need to get signed contract with Perkins (MM & LB to compete; noted above).
    • Kelly Stout will complete the DHS Request form when Lance obtains a copy. Submit by 2/14/14.
    • Need to determine inventory needs.
  • Coach requested help w/Track concessions – Mar-April (outside DFBC)
    • Michelle Masters send email to Del La Torre –  Julie, Sarah, Lance, Lindsey are willing help/coordinate. Will be done separate from DFBC. MM remind DLT that he needs ask for other Track parent volunteers and provide funds for initial inventory.
  • Graduation Water Sales
    • Theresa Blanca submitted form to DHS in November. Pending approval notification. Michelle Masters – request this update at next DFBC meeting.
  • Annual Fall Sports Program
    • Targeting completion 1st home Varsity game
    • No further discussion. Possibly Theresa Blanca on point for this?
  • Grants & Sponsorships
    • All attendees were asked to think about who they know, business owners, employees of restaurants, grocery stores, print shops, etc. Let them know we’re looking for sponsors. Contact Michelle or Kelly for additional information and sponsorship benefits.
    • Hohokam Grant – Michelle Masters will take point. Ask Theresa / Mark for all details including 2013 presentation , add demographic info.
    • Others – Kelly Stout & Michelle Masters continue to engage companies. Most require IRS Exempt Organization status. DFBC has applied for this.
  • Parent Meeting on 4/14
    • Fundraiser w/Scentsy (25%).
    • Kelly Stout will complete the DHS Request form when Lance obtains a copy. Submit by 2/14/14.
    • Kelly Stout will coordinate w/Scentsy contact.
  • Merchandise
    • Fan apparel , shirts/hats–looking for other vendors/options
      • Lindsey Blessing – check w/friends for other shirt vendors
      • Kelly Stout – check w/father regarding local shirt vendors he works with
      • Julie Erickson – Luv My Bling… Check w/food vendors near the store to see if they will participate in a fundraiser date coordinated w/Luv My Bling.
      • Michelle Masters – check w/East Valley Sports & also send email to Ron (Extra Innings) expressing concern with pricing. Need lower prices.
    • Spirit Cups – Michelle Masters ask Sarah Young to check Fundraising folder. Sarah Meraz confirmed the vendor brochure is there.
    • Stadium seats & cushions – sponsorships to fund cushions? Michelle Masters creating plan for this
    • Other ideas: Noisemakers, blankets, thunder sticks, beads, earrings, cowbells
    • 2015 Spring Carnival
      • Need to start planning soon. Will review next meeting.

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