Board Meeting Minutes 01-28-14

Board Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2014 at 6:00pm
Lance and Lindsey Blessing’s Home

President: Sarah Young                                         1st Vice President: Julie Erickson
2nd Co-Vice President: Michelle Masters                        2nd Co-Vice President: Kelly Stout
Treasurer: Lance Blessing                                      Secretary: Theresa R. Blancas
Member Chair: Marissa Smith                                    Class Rep-Sophomores: Lindsey Blessing
Class Rep-Sophomores: Jodi Kelly

Meeting Attendees:
Sarah Young, Julie Erickson, Michelle Masters, Lance Blessing, Theresa Blancas, Lindsey Blessing, Coach George De La Torre.


Call to order:
Sarah Young called meeting to order for the Dobson Football Booster Club Board at 6:15pm on Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

Motion to start the meeting: Julie Erickson
Seconded: Michelle Masters
All in Favor: Yes
Opposed: None

Budget – It was decided that a formal DFBC budget was necessary but much of our budget depends on the Football Program’s needs and that budget comes from Coach. The Board will work on our part of the budget in the meantime and, once Coach provides his budget, we will create a formal 2014 budget.  
Bank account – Lance Blessing reports low balance and may receive charge. He wonders what fundraisers we could do early in order to raise our accounts. Discussion included car washes (not until April), moving the balance from the old account (still waiting on outstanding checks). It was decided we may have to pay the charge or, once it is on our account, call and explain our situation and request it be waived. It would be the first time we requested such a waiver.

Graduation Water Sales – Paperwork was completed by Theresa Blancas in Nov 2013 and turned into Donna Koch. Theresa saw Donna last week and had previously sent her an email requesting status but she had not yet replied with confirmation of approval. Theresa will send another request for status.

Parent Partnership Meeting at District – this was the meeting last week that the District required at least one representative be present. Theresa Blancas attended and took notes. There was lots of information provided and we will upload the information in an electronic file so that everyone has access because it is better for our organization that more than one person is familiar with the new rules. One of the most pertinent pieces of information for DFBC was regarding food. The new food rules take effect 07/01/2014. NO food can be cooked on site due to our current food permit limitations, including for Team Meals. Only restaurant cooked/catered/picked up & dropped off at DHS food OR pre-packaged foods are permitted. The District’s menus, especially the Al-A-Carte Menu, and vending machines will all be redone.

Last Thursday of spring football = Spring Showcase Thursday, 05/15/2014. It Starts on Monday, 05/05/2014.
TRACK HAS CONCESSIONS during the spring and Coach DLT is a Track Coach. He says we can plan on working Concession Stand during the Spring Showcase.
6:30pm start time – 8:30pm (approximate)
Plan on speaking about DFBC
Only state Players are in track at that point.
Letter writing contributions
·         During 6th period
·         Hopefully end of February 2014
·         Need volunteers to proof, etc, like last year

4 fundraisers in spring for FB
* Liftathon – Coach handles thru bookstore (100%)
* Cookie dough – April, delivered just before camp (50/50)
* Discount Cards
* Subway cards – last minute, $10 sell (80% to us), in summer.
Like last year, Coach will need continuing help with organizing.

Pictures are not until August. Dates are problems because Varsity makes team cuts, etc. Theresa Blancas will speak with Donna Koch regarding dates for other groups photos, trying to get them earlier because in 2013 many of the other groups would not have had their photos in the Program had it been done on time.

Coach will email important dates and Theresa Blancas will calendar them for the Board and include them in appropriate mass emails.

Coach/Alex Gomez, Equipment Manager, will need help with Equipment Distribution.

Camp 07/20-27/2014 (Sunday – Saturday)
·         bagels, juice, etc
·         tables with lines for organization
·         SCHOOL NOT INVOLVED – ALL FUNDS due BEFORE camp. Was MUCH better organized in 2013 as a result and Coach would like it to be the same.

Coach will provide lists for Players Accounts.
·         Any funds submitted to a Player’s account that is above & beyond goes to Summer Lifting but NOT PAY TO PLAY (per district), then it goes into the Football Program’s general account.
·         Needs to be COMMUNICATED TO PARENTS. DFBC will be sending the information via mass emails.

Theresa Blancas will email to Coach the Check Request Form for 2014. .

1) Hudl license – Nov 17, 2014 expires – paid
2) Team tournaments during summer –
a) JV / Frosh – WHS est $125 / team
b) Varsity – ASU fat man’s challenge $300
c) Varsity – free ones (Chandler jamboree, Tempe, Shadow Mtn)
3) Player development
a) Jeff Tricky Camp – March – made the kids pay 50%
b) Planning on sending 4 QBs and 4 WRs = 8 (approx $200 each total)
c) At Pinnacle HS
d) AZ FB Coach’s Assoc -- $400 approx – April
4) During season – one set of Coach’s Apparel for games. Approx 17 again.
5) Glazier Clinics -- $300 – Coach’s education. Access to nationwide clinics, internet classes for coach’s – March

Down the road: banquet, highlight night,
17 returning seniors, majority of Varsity will be juniors, probably over 30.


Sarah Young – can we use those helmets TOSSED by Sun Valco (rejected for recertification) for decoration???

Coach – Sun Valco / Tempe. They have lately been keeping the helmets. He will ask Alex re where are they?

Theresa Blancas will email Coach to remind him to contact Tyler/Sun Valco regarding rejected helmets returned.

Coach – how do we justify getting rid of helmet by District? Make sure not used by another Player.

Lou Coupey – JV / Varsity / Freshmen – pictures 8x10 / 11x17 – put on JV / Frosh locker rooms.

JE – vinyl letters on wall, reasonable.

Therea Blancas will check with Mark Meldrum / HoHoKam Foundation regarding Grant Deadlines / Applications. We will see whether Mark Erickson has time to do this, since he was the first contact and has had the most contact with Meldrum.

CHAIRS / AWNINGS / RUNNER (rubber) – for Spring. FOLLOWUP – then general meeting Agenda for financial votes.

Michelle Masters – we received apparel quote from Ron/Extra Innings (previously East Valley Sports). We will continue to work with him on better pricing.

BOARD MTG – PROPOSED SPONSOR PRICE LIST – once finalized then WEBSITE  page for Sponsor Price.

PayPal – squared away – Lance

April meeting – Parent meeting.

Julie Erickson – Luv My Bling – new location. Frye Rd, south of Chandler Mall, near Sports Authority, next to Jason’s Deli. Restaurants.

Combine fundraiser restaurant & Luv My Bling.

Trying to get her to a Varsity game, maybe also JV.

Try to organize and finalize by April Parent meeting.

COACH – FEBRUARY AT SUMMIT / RHODES. Their spring camp is in April. (last wk?)

Theresa Blancas will email Coach regarding followup for Main Auditorium availability for Mandatory Parent Meeting on April 17, 2014.

Michelle Masters - golf tourney reservation – vote on money for deposit $250. She will also check with Dobson Ranch re catering.

Sarah Young – INSURANCE – NBCTC -- $9 / mo Arrow Storage – can get additional insurance via NBCTC then

YARD SIGNS – NUMBERING prior to distribution.

COACH – APRIL – USUALLY PHYSICALS (free). COACH – check dates re physicals.

Sarah Young – suggests more car washes. One monthly – April, May, June


Michelle Masters – locations? Same – agreed. Michelle will followup regarding locations and potential dates.



COACH – when Players travel for summer passing league, if any funds are left over, he would like to know whether DFBC can provide a meal or two.

Motion to close the meeting: Michelle Masters
Seconded: Lance Blessing
All in Favor: Yes
Opposed: None
Meeting was closed at 7:48pm



Julie Erickson – immediately after meeting was closed, Julie reported that she will be out of town for our general meeting on March 11, 2014.


Coach – Coach De La Torre texted Theresa Blancas/Secretary on 02/01/2014 and requested we add to his Financial Priority List as the “most important and expensive request” the Agape Productions Game Filming. “Like last year, our school club will pay for the JV and Freshmen.” Coach also requested that we add this item for voting on our next general meeting Agenda.


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