Meeting Minutes December 10, 2012

Dobson Football Booster Club

Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2012

Meeting Location: Native New Yorker (Guadalupe/Dobson)

President: No active President                                Vice President: Sarah Meraz

Treasurer: Angel Elam                                             Secretary: Tasha Campa

Meeting attendees:

Sarah Meraz, Angel Elam, Tasha Campa, Patty Padia, Lucy Martinez, Julie Erickson, Sarah Young, Susan Hernandez, Karen Halley, Theresa Blancas, Susan Ortiz, Teri Smithers and Kristina Cormier.

Sarah Meraz called meeting to order for the Dobson High School Football Booster Club at 6:33 pm December 10, 2012.  Patty Padia motioned to start the meeting; Sarah Young seconded the motion, all in favor. No one opposed.


Sarah started the meeting by passing out agenda. The purpose of today’s meeting is to discuss these items and make decisions on how to move forward. Thank you to all of you through all of the challenges and successes.

Meeting Minutes & Financials:

Key Financial Highlights:

  • All financials have been backed up on a disk for Sarah Young.
  • New board and current board members need to meet up at Bank of America to close out current account and transfer all money into a new account. The date and time is
  • Financials are complete for new board to conduct an audit of financials.
  • Ending Balance as of November 30th : $9,945.63
  • Amount of Deposits/Credits: $7,270.78
  • Amounts of Withdrawals/Debits: $7,940.07
  • Agape and 2 deposits were cleared after December 1st
  • Lights and Security bills have not been received from the Carnival. Susan will need to verify the security bill for each security member.
  • Sarah will print and post the final report from Quicken.
  • $80 was deposited from the Spirit Cup order and should have been $120.
  • We are not replacing the National Guard’s poster because they have not paid for their donation.
  • Sarah’s company has paid for their donation and a check and form has been submitted to Kim Kastilahn. Sarah will need to be verified.
  • Get the account reassigned to new group. Date: Friday, 12/15/12 @ 5:30pm at the Dobson/Baseline Rd Branch. Sarah will call BofA to verify what is needed to remove Kim Kastilahn from the account and will communicate with the group.



Reimburse Susan Ortiz for Carnival expenses (cups and hot chocolate about $65) Vote:

Motioned: Sarah Meraz

Seconded: Lucy Martinez

All in favor to approve reimbursing Susan Ortiz: Yes


November Meeting Minutes Vote:

Motioned: Lucy Martinez

Seconded: Julie Erickson

All in favor to approve November Meeting Minutes: Yes



November Financials Vote:

Motioned: Patty Padia

Seconded: Sarah Young

All in favor to approve November Meeting Minutes: Yes



New Attendees & voting members:

No new members.

Parent Feedback:



Website is running well. Thanks Sarah for all your hard work! Facebook looks great as well. We need to continue to get parents exposed to both to help assist with communication over the next season. Gmail is ready to go and Sarah will be uploading Google Docs so that next year’s Board can edit and access all docs immediately. Tasha provided the Board with a copy of the documents from last year and Sarah has given the board the disc with all of the original documents for the board to reference from.

Saying Goodbye to old Board Members and Welcoming the 2013 Board Members:

Thank you to all of the many parents that have been supportive of The Dobson Football Booster Club and its board. It has been a long year and we have accomplished many things and new adventures amongst the many challenges and changes. We wish the new board a lot of luck and the best wish for a successful season in 2013.

At the closing of this meeting, the current board members will be stepping down from their positions and the below members will be voted in as the new 2013 DFBC Board.

 2013 Board Members

1) President: Susan Hernandez

2) 1st vice President- (Special Events): Julie Erickson

3) 2nd Vice President- (Fundraising): Kristina Cormier

4) Secretary: Theresa Blancas

5) Treasurer: Sarah young

 Optional Officers Positions:

1) Two (2) Senior Class Representatives:  (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

2) Two (2) Junior Class Representatives: (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

3) Two (2) Sophomore Class Representatives: (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

4) Two (2) Freshman Class Representatives: (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

5) Membership Chair: Marissa Smith

6) Two (2) Members-at-Large: Sarah Young & Michelle Masters

Close out the old Board Members and “Officially” 2013 Executive Board to take office January 1, 2013 Vote:

Motioned: Tasha Campa

Seconded: Angel Elam

All in favor to approve 2013 Board Members as the “official” Board Members at the close of this meeting: Yes

No one opposed


*Effective January 1, 2013, the above individuals will take over as the 2013 Executive Board for Dobson Football Booster Club. Congratulations and best wishes for the future Booster members.

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