November Meeting Minutes

Dobson Football Booster Club

Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2012

Meeting Location: Native New Yorker (Guadalupe/Dobson)

President: No active President                                Vice President: Sarah Meraz

Treasurer: Angel Elam                                             Secretary: Tasha Campa

Meeting attendees:

Sarah Meraz, Angel Elam, Tasha Campa, Patty Padia, Marissa Smith, Lucy Martinez, Julie Erickson, Sarah Young, Susan Hernandez, Karen Halley, Michelle Masters, Theresa Blancas, Susan Ortiz, Jana Leineweber (by proxy- she sent an email) and Kristina Cormier

Sarah Meraz called meeting to order for the Dobson High School Football Booster Club at 6:33 pm November 5, 2012.  Patty Padia motioned to start the meeting; Sarah Young seconded the motion, all in favor. No one opposed.


Sarah started the meeting by passing out agenda. The purpose of today’s meeting is to discuss these items and make decisions on how to move forward.

Meeting Minutes & Financials:

Key Financial Highlights:

  • Ending Balance as of October 31st : $10,244.05
  • Amount of Deposits/Credits: $6,770.92
  • Amounts of Withdrawals/Debits: $4,666.81
  • 3 checks not cashed yet: Agape for $325 & 2 in the amounts of $39.60 & $6.27


October Financials Vote:

Motioned: Lucy Martinez

Seconded: Marissa Smith

All in favor to approve October Meeting Minutes: Yes


October Meeting Minutes Vote:

Motioned: Sarah Meraz

Seconded: Patty Padia

All in favor to approve October Meeting Minutes: Yes


October Financials Vote through email approved.

New Attendees & voting members:

No new members.


Website is running well. Thanks Sarah for all your hard work! Facebook looks great as well. We need to continue to get parents exposed to both to help assist with communication over the next season. Gmail is ready to go and Sarah will be uploading Google Docs so that next year’s Board can edit and access all docs immediately. She plans to set up Board emails so that anyone can email any member of the board and not just Secretary. Will be tied to the Booster email account. She will have this ready for vote in next meeting.

Banquet Updates:

Every year, there is a fall sports banquet sponsored by Dobson Athletic Dept. We assist Donna Koch in any way that she needs help. Here is the following information from her:

Thursday, November 8th

Mesa Hilton Hotel

US 60 & Alma School

doors open at 6pm,

banquet begins at 630pm

Cost is $18.00 per person

Tickets will be available in the bookstore the week of October 1st.

Flyers have been given to the coaches and will be reminded at the coaches meeting week of October 1st.

It is announced in the Mustang Messenger and also on the morning announcements.

Will get on the Marquee next week when tickets are available.


I have my usual table decorations, and program… don’t know if the boosters wanted anything else, I have 4 of us so far to do the set up… So if 2-3 of you would like to help with any other items, that would be great… just let me know.  I will need help collecting tickets at the doors also….


Gifts for Seniors & Coaches will be given on this night. We have signed all of the cards for the Coaches tonight. Thank you to Teri Smithers for preparing this for us.

Parent Volunteers:

  • Sarah Meraz, Tasha Campa, Patty Padia, Susan Hernandez, Sarah Young, Kristina Cormier, Michelle Masters, and Teri Smithers.

Senior Night:

Every year, the last game of the season Dobson recognizes the seniors and their parents. We assist Donna Koch in any way that she needs help. Thank you to Julie Erickson, Theresa Blancas, Teri Smithers, Angel Elam, Sarah Young, Marissa Smith, Kristine Steinmetz and the rest of the moms that helped make this night special for the senior moms (and dads).

Carnival Committee:

Thank you to all the parents that helped make this successful. Thank you to Susan Hernandez and Angel Elam for all their hard work in the logistical areas of making all of this possible.


Financials will be calculated for December Meeting. Michelle (from Midway West Amusement) came to discuss some updates from the Carnival Sales. Overall we did well for a first time. She would like to discuss some options with us to plan for an additional Carnival. The new group will need to decide on whether they plan to do this this coming spring or maintain it for a fall date. We will invite Michelle back to help brainstorm on how to plan. Overall, the community really loved having the Carnival and this was a great team building experience for those that participated. Thank you to all that assisted us.

Highlight Film/Night:

Tuesday, November 13th from 6-9pm

  • Parent helpers: Set up @ 5:30PM
    • JV: 6-7pm
    • Freshman: 7-8pm
    • Varsity: 8-9pm


Any photos to make a pre-highlight night slide show:  @


Cakes from Dairy Queen-

  • Patty Padia secured 6-8 cakes. Please let DQ know the date.
  • Need silverware, cups, napkins, plates, Thank you to Susan Ortiz for donating K-cup coffee and hot chocolate and cups and stirrers.


Forms for Highlight Tapes to order

  • Form sent in reminder email and will have some forms at the table.


2013 Nominations/Elections:

The Dobson Football Booster Club is currently accepting applications/nominations for various positions within the booster club. The following positions are required to fill for the 2013-2014 year, however, there are additional positions that are optional and can be filled throughout the year based on interest.

All members that were interested in a position for the 2013 Board have submitted their Election Form for all to view and vote accordingly.

 Required Executive Board Positions: Nominations below

1) President: Susan Hernandez

2) 1st vice President- (Special Events): Julie Erickson

3) 2nd Vice President- (Fundraising): Kristina Cormier

4) Secretary: Theresa Blancas

5) Treasurer: Sarah young

 Optional Officers Positions:

1) Two (2) Senior Class Representatives:  (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

2) Two (2) Junior Class Representatives: (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

3) Two (2) Sophomore Class Representatives: (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

4) Two (2) Freshman Class Representatives: (will need to place on agenda for future meeting)

5) Membership Chair: Marissa Smith

6) Two (2) Members-at-Large: Sarah Young & Michelle Masters

2013 Executive Board to take office January 1, 2013 Vote:

Motioned: Angel Elam

Seconded: Tasha Campa

All in favor to approve October Meeting Minutes: Yes

No one opposed


*Effective January 1, 2013, the above individuals will take over as the 2013 Executive Board for Dobson Football Booster Club. Congratulations and best wishes for the future Booster members.


Additional Business Items:

  • Ask Sarah Meraz’s friend to help in audit of financials to close the 2012 year and set up the new account.
  • Coach’s Requests:
    • Highlight/slide show for Banquet: We will try to do this. Theresa will try and get something together the best of her abilities.
    • Any special awards that the Booster Club would like to give out? At this time, we do not have anything.
  • We would like to help out a family from Dobson for the holidays. This is not an “official” booster event and we did not vote or use booster account to fund. Thank you to all of the parents that were excited to participate. Angel will be collecting money and come up with a plan to deliver.
  • We need to sell out all concession items and clean out concessions. Sarah will be moving the trailer back to the other side on Friday and on Wednesday, Tasha will be itemizing the remainder of the items and getting the concession cleaning started. Please let all clubs know if they are interested in purchasing these items to show up on Wednesday, November 7th @ 5 pm.
  • We are missing 1 set of film for Alexis Zuniga. Tasha has agreed to sell her copy back to boosters to be able to give to him. Angel is currently researching further to see if we have money deposited for him. We have an order form from his mother that he did request and pay cash.

Proposal to reimburse Tasha for her purchased film to give to Alexis Zuniga Vote:

Motioned: Susan Hernandez

Seconded: Sarah Young

All in favor to reimburse Tasha and give her copy of film to Alexis Zuniga: Yes

No one opposed

Next Meeting:

  • December 10th @ 6:30 pm at Native New Yorker
  • Patty will secure the location.


Action Items/Calendar:

  • December Meeting: Finalize all financials, mostly Carnival, and “officially” close out 2012-2013 board and vote in 2013-2014 Board. Celebrate holidays and mingle.


Close of Meeting Vote:

Motioned: Sarah Meraz

Seconded: Karen Halley

All in favor to continue to close the meeting: Yes

No opposed


Close of Meeting: 8:17 pm.



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