Carnival Meeting Minutes

Dobson Football Booster Club

Meeting Minutes-Carnival Committee

October 29, 2012


Meeting Location: Native New Yorker (Guadalupe/Dobson)


President: No active President                                Vice President: Sarah Meraz


Treasurer: Angel Elam                                             Secretary: Tasha Campa


Meeting attendees:

Sarah Meraz, Tasha Campa, Julie Erickson, Susan Hernandez, Theresa Blancas, Sarah Young, Susan Ortiz, Lucy Martinez, and Kristina Cormier.


Tasha Campa called the Carnival Committee Meeting to order for Dobson High School Football Booster Club at 6:34 pm October 29, 2012.  Sarah Meraz motioned to start the Carnival Meeting; Theresa Blancas seconded the motion, all in favor. No one opposed.

Agenda Items

Neighbor letter:

  • Thank You to Theresa for handing these letters out to the neighboring houses.
    • She did pass out the letters to the no-solicitation houses as she was not soliciting but letting them know as a courtesy that a Carnival will be occurring and all pertinent info they may need to have.
    • Sending out a reminder for St. Tm’s.
    • Need to send Michelle a reminder email


Craft Vendor Letter

  • Sent over by email today with specifics on what and when, any special accommodations will need to be requested by Friday 10/26. Angel mapped out where people are going to sit at due to these requests. Will need to tape off where the 10 X 10 spots are and label them according to the map.
  • Dobson Ranch Roundup
  • St. Timothy’s
  • Marquis – Kelly Berg
  • Continuing to paste them up and within the games and schools.
  • Updates from our liaisons at the feeder schools- still continuing the pre-sell tickets at each school.
  • Dobson Ranch Roundup
  • St. Timothy’s
  • Marquis – on the Marquis now.
  • Sell tickets at lunch in cafeteria courtyard- Susan will try to sell this week at lunch.
  • Mustang Messenger- ad placed.
    • About 31 vendors in total
    • A few vendors still owe us money for their space. Karen and Kristina’s contact have turned in their money.
    • Ag Department will be near the Carnival.
    • Angel, Patty, & Susan have some hand sanitizer to donate.
    • At this point, only Baseball and The Ag Dept. have confirmed their spots.
    • Lighting- will be invoiced afterwards. Using our own code to log the time.
    • Electricity
    • Mapping – we will need to rope off the area behind the stands to keep people off the field and track.
    • Parking- signs to help vendors in and out and to park in the back lot.
    • Susan has Walkie Talkies for us to communicate.
    • Irrigation & lawn cutting: Irrigation should be fine, still working on the lawn cutting.
    • Security- Officer Gill and he has a plan for additional help for 32 hours. Will need to pay for security. Over-estimated that the cost should be about $1000.
    • Ice- donated by Sarah Meraz’s friend.
    • 20 hours of custodial pay, we will be responsible for garbage. Asking for SRP bins.
    • Day of Plan
      • Tasha will send out emails to all helpers with:
        •  dates/times of commitments with all contact information.
        • Parking instructions
        • Vendors will be coming 2 hours before start of Carnival to set –up. Will have 2-3 people to help direct them where to go.
    • November 5th @ 6:30 pm At Native New Yorker
    • Location is secure
    • Please bring new attendees to learn more about how they can help us with the Booster Club.



Food Vendors/Arts & Crafts Vendors

Ag Petting Zoo

Other groups

Admin Concerns

Anything else

  • Sarah Young will be posting updates on Facebook and will provide (2) large power strips for extension cords.

Next Meeting: Regular Board Meeting


Action Items:

  • Get the Facebook message out there.
  • Deliver Neighbor letter
  • Get parent volunteers to cover all shifts
  • Map out vendor spots and clean out concessions



Close of Meeting Vote:

Motioned: Sarah Meraz

Seconded: Sarah Young

All in favor to close the Carnival Meeting: Yes


Close of Meeting: 7:55 pm.


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