Carnival Meeting Agenda


Carnival Meeting Agenda

Dobson Football Booster Club

October 29th, 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Native New Yorker

  • Neighbor Letter
    • Updates
    • Never received complimentary tickets from Michelle. Sent her a follow-up email.
  • Craft Vendor Letter
    • Sent over by email today with specifics on what and when, any special accommodations will need to be requested by Friday 10/26.
    • Any more arts and craft vendors?
  • Posters/Ads
    • Any updates?
  • Tickets
    • Updates from our liaisons at the feeder schools? Pre-sell dates?
    • Dobson Ranch Roundup
    • St. Timothy’s
    • Marquis – Kelly Berg
    • Sell tickets at lunch in cafeteria courtyard- updates
    • Mustang Messenger
  • Food Vendors/arts & craft vendors- updates
    • Updates?
  • Ag Petting Zoo
    • Confirm with AG about the petting zoo- updates
  • Other groups
    • Send all clubs to submit request to Stu co. we are not responsible for coordinating at all!
  • Admin Concerns
    • Susan Met with Cruz, Perkins, and Koch- share updates
    • Lighting
    • Electricity
    • Mapping
    • Parking
    • Irrigation- Kevin Fleming, when?
    • Groundskeeper- when?
    • Security
    • Golf Carts & Communication
  • Day of Plan
    • Tasha will send out emails to all helpers with:
      • Dates/times of commitments with all contact information.
      • Parking instructions
      • Anything else?

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